Social media suppressing the hot new #ObamaGate hashtag


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Twitter appears to be suppressing an #ObamaGate hashtag promoted in tweets by President Trump that reference the new evidence implicating the former president in the Russia-collusion investigation.

RedState noted a chart indicating that as #ObamaGate trended, Twitter began deleting tweets containing the hashtag.

The hashtag apparently surpassed 2.5 million twice but was knocked down each time and now does not appear at all on the top 20 trending list.

Fox News reported Trump’s tweets in response to the former president’s criticism of the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss its case against Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

Last week, evidence was unsealed in the case showing FBI agents plotted to get Flynn to lie. And the bureau was preparing to close the case for lack of evidence when lead investigator Peter Strzok stepped in and orchestrated the surprise White House interview that led to charges. Further, witness transcripts from the House Intelligence Committee investigation were released Thursday showing top Obama officials had no evidence of collusion and indicating Obama had a role in the evidence-free probe of Trump.

On Sunday, Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo she believes Obama had a role in the targeting of Flynn.

RedState noted Twitter and other social media giants “are known for manipulating their respective trending lists for political reasons.”

“At this point, they don’t really feel any shame about it. It’s become a common practice as the leftist gatekeepers at Twitter and other sites see to it that anything that inconveniences the left doesn’t catch on too well.”

The reported several of Trump’s tweets claimed that Obama knew the details of the phone call at the center of the Flynn case between Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in 2016.

“Trump also appears to link ‘Obamagate’ to the establishment of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, which was put in place by his own, politically appointed, deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein after Trump’s first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, recused himself,” said.

RedState said the #ObamaGate hashtag “makes one of the left’s greatest heroes seem like a villain and as such would have to go.”

“If public opinion would turn to demand investigations, it could jeopardize the Democrats’ chances in November, seeing as how Biden would be wrapped up in the investigation as well, further putting pressure on his already pressured campaign.”


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