Indian Muslim in a viral video says, coronavirus is Hindu conspiracy, when the time comes, we will kill them all


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This will, of course, be ignored by the international establishment media, which is intent on fooling you into believing that in India as everywhere else, Muslims are victims and only victims, and have never committed or incited any acts of violence themselves.

“Coronavirus is a conspiracy by Hindus, when the time comes, we will kill them all: AIMIM supporter in viral video,” OpIndia, May 5, 2020:

In a video that has now gone viral on social media, AIMIM supporter Abu Faisal can be seen fear-mongering amidst the outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus in the country. He began by claiming that Muslim women should refuse to take injections prescribed by doctors as it can make them sterile.

In a video widely circulated on social media, Faisal is seen alleging that a ‘vicious campaign’ that is supposedly underway to limit the Muslim population. Encouraging his Muslim brethren to assault non-Muslim doctors, he said that the Muslim patient must inject the non- Muslim doctor first before taking the prescribed medication….

Halfway into the video, he alleges that the media has been directed to target Muslims and defame Islam under the garb of Coronavirus pandemic….

Further referring to Hindus as “swines”, “cow piss drinkers” and choicest of expletives, he threatens of destroying the saffron. Abu Faisal says that cow’s urine runs in the body of Hindus and that they are a blot on humanity. He added that the pandemic is a conspiracy by Hindu groups to restrict the movements of Muslims and damage Muslim businesses.

Warning of genocide against Hindus, he claimed that his restraint is due to the month of Ramzan. And interestingly, his contentious video has received overwhelming support from fellow Muslims. He goes on to call Hindus as a ‘dung eating’ community and terms Hindus as ‘Sooar ke aulaad’ (children of pigs). He claims that Muslims can easily kill, rape and wipe out Hindus. The video has been the subject of a heated social media discussion.

The video was shared on Abu Faisal’s Facebook page on May 2 and has received thousands of likes and shares. Over 6 lakh people have watched it on Facebook. Faisal’s Facebook page claims connections with the AIMIM and is named ‘AIMIM Abu Faisal’.


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