Kolkata movie star Moon Moon Sen serves legal notice on Blitz


Leader of India’s Trinamool Congress and former Bangla movie star from Kolkata, Moon Moon Sen has sent a legal notice on Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, editor, Blitz and the Senior Correspondent Vijaya Laxmi Tripura through her lawyer Dr. Neela Gokhale, advocate, Supreme Court of India protesting an unknown news item. In the legal notice, Dr. Gokhale wrote:

Under the instructions and on behalf of my client, Ms. Moon Moon Sen, Kolkata, West Bengal, I have to issue the present notice to you as follows:

  1. My client is a popular and successful actress and politician, well known for her film works in a number of languages. She has received great acclamation and is also a recipient of various awards, in recognition of a life time work and achievements in the Film industry. She is also a member of the political party namely the Trinamool Congress and was elected to the Lok Sabha as Member of Parliament (Former). She continues to serve the people of the country, as an active member of her party. She thus commands great respect and has an established reputation in the political arena. Similarly, she is also a well- known personality, both domestically and internationally, on account of her career in the film industry. This respect and reputation have been earned by my client over a period of years, through sheer hard work and by building relationships of trust in the course charting her remarkable career. It is further stated that my client comes from a well-respected family and her mother was also popular and respected person in Bangladesh as well as in India. Above all, my client is a law-abiding citizen and enjoys an unblemished record, in the discharge of her duties towards the citizens, in her role as a representative of the people.


  1. To the utter shock and surprise of my client, she received from her friends and acquaintances, a copy of a news article, authored by you and published in the weekly tabloid, The Blitz, in its edition of April 28, 2020. The Blitz is a major newspaper in Bangladesh, claiming to have a wide circulation. The newspaper article has clearly targeted my client and has wrongly reported that my client maintains contacts with the Pakistan spy agency ISI, through Dawood Ibrahim, a notorious and known criminal, along with other film actors. It has been impugned that my client is a ‘mule’ collecting and providing sensitive information to said Dawood gang. My client was completely devastated upon being questioned regarding the said news reports by her relatives and friends who had read the said article.


  1. My client states that the contents of the news reports are absolutely incorrect, false, fabricate, malicious and highly defamatory. The intention of the reporter, in publishing unverified information, without even attempting to get any clarification or explanation from my client, clearly appears to be that of maligning the reputation and good will of my client. You have absolutely failed and neglected to comply with the strict standards of fair journalism, which demand an opportunity to be given to the person, in whose regard any information is being published, to comment on the said information. Thus, by bringing down the reputation of my client, in the eyes of the right-thinking members of the society, you have committed the criminal offence of defamation and deserve to be prosecuted for the same.


  1. It is further pertinent to note that you, very well had the knowledge that the said news article shall appear on various social media platforms, including google, twitter etc which you deliberately intended. Thus by placing false statements, in writing, in the newspaper and on social media platforms and spreading vile lies and canards regarding my client, you have further caused serious and grave loss of reputation to my client, on account of which she has suffered irreversible and irreparable injury to her reputation. She has also suffered mental trauma and deep anguish of having being maligned in such a manner and attempted to be branded as a conspirator in criminal activities along with dreaded and notorious criminals. My client has been further tormented and pained to see the names of her daughters also included in the said article and associating them with the same content. My client has therefore already made a criminal complaint to the concerned police station seeking necessary action against you.

Thus, considering all  above facts and circumstances, it is clear that you have committed a gross criminal offence of defamation under the Indian Penal Code. I, therefore, call upon you on behalf of my client, to withdraw the said defamatory article from the newspaper, by issuing a clarification and an unconditional apology to my client, forthwith and communicate the same separately to my client within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the present notice, failing which I shall be constrained, on behalf of my client, to initiate further necessary civil as well as criminal actions, including claim of damages, against you and that too, entirely at your own risks as to the costs and consequences of the same, which please seriously note.

Our reply:

Sender of the legal notice has on purpose refrained from mentioning the titles of the article/report, which clearly shows the intention of playing hide and seek (most possibly the legal notice refers to THIS news report),

Moon Moon Sen was reportedly having intimacy with a controversial individual in Bangladesh, named Aziz Mohammad Bhai, who is one of the key accomplices of notorious don Dawood Ibrahim and a member of his gang named D Company. This racket is patronized by Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI). Checking Ms. Sen’s itinerary of Dhaka trips in the past will prove her journeys mostly to give company to her friend, Mr. Bhai. On Google search, several reports published in the Bangladeshi newspapers in the past will prove the Bhai-Sen intimacy. We are providing links to only a few of those reports: Asian Tribune, Daily Jugantor, EBarta24, Ekushey TV, and ZoomBangla. All of these reports prove the intimacy between Aziz Mohammad Bhai and Moon Moon Sen.

Aziz Mohammad Bhai is currently on run and facing numerous criminal charges in Bangladesh. He also is known for his intimacy with Palestinian terrorists and is a friend of Shahta Zarab, former envoy of Palestine in Bangladesh (1986-2005).


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