From next week, coronavirus will start disappearing from Bangladesh


Suraiyya Aziz

Lots of bad people and mere vultures were desperately waiting for Bangladesh facing a severe consequence due to coronavirus. Some of these nasty individuals, who are having direct or discreet connections with vested interest groups were behind the fake coronavirus forecast released by the World Health Organization (WHO), where this UN body predicted the death of two million people in Bangladesh due to the pandemic.

We are fully aware of how a group of nasty people had played a silent roles behind this fake forecast from WHO, which was actually based on a number of so-called research papers and inputs sent by several dubious individuals from Bangladesh.

Now a member of the same group has started spreading another ridiculous information stating, “United Kingdom’s Imperial College Covid-19 Response Team concludes that a sustained lockdown similar to the one started in Bangladesh at the end of March could reduce the total number of deaths from the virus in the country by over 90%, potentially saving as many as 585,000 lives. However, to get this benefit, the lockdown would have to continue until a vaccine or effective treatment becomes available, the research report states, which could be many months away. Even with a sustained lockdown in place, the Imperial College team estimates that over 52,000 people could die from Covid-19 in Bangladesh”.

The motive behind the publication of the UK’s Imperial College so-called forecast is to misguide the Bangladesh authorities and push the country towards indefinite lockdown, which would ultimately collapse Bangladesh’s economy.

Look into this forecast, it is expecting fifty-two thousand Bangladeshi people to die from coronavirus. Death of over 52 thousand people! Well, now their evil expectation of seeing the death toll of Bangladeshis has dropped from two million to 52 thousand.

What type of humans these people really are, or are they at all human beings? Possibly now those vultures and enemies of Bangladesh will feel shocked, or may even have hearth attacks knowing coronavirus will totally disappear from Bangladesh by the third week of next month.

When all other news media in Bangladesh were spreading frustration and fear, we in Blitz only had provided specific forecasts from the top researchers who also had fixed May third week as the last date of the total disappearance of coronavirus from Bangladesh. And now we have another supporting document released by the Data-Driven Innovation Lab of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

The SUTD study has clearly indicated that cases of coronavirus infection may fall by 99 percent in Bangladesh by the end of May.

The Singaporean university released data based on their findings on 131 countries, estimating Covid-19 pandemic life cycles, on their website on Sunday.

The data on Bangladesh suggest that new daily cases of Covid-19 infection will fall by 99 percent by the end of May, and will disappear altogether by the middle of July.

The researchers at the university used the susceptible-infected-recovered (SIR) model, which describes the spread of infectious diseases, to conduct the study. They fed various data, collected from different countries, into the model to produce their estimation data.

We, the people of Bangladesh should remain ever-grateful to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government for very efficiently handling the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. This is the most ridiculous piece of writing that I’ve read in a while.
    I am thoroughly amazed at the fact that none of your point is factually correct nor valid.
    Don’t confuse the general public with your words.
    Accurate information is the least you can do to mitigate the devastated impact of Covid-19.


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