Cruelty on Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan


Christine Douglass-Williams

Last month, Islamic State jihadis murdered 25 people in an attack on a Sikh gurdwara in Afghanistan.

Similar to the fate of Christians across the Middle East and Africa, the remaining Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan continue to be persecuted and slaughtered in the name of Islam. They have declared that they have been “left with two choices: to leave for India or to covert to Islam.”

Now both Sikhs and Hindus have called out in desperation to the U.S. for help. There are only about “650 Sikhs and Hindus left in Afghanistan.” Meanwhile, mainstream Islamic groups in America and in other Western countries are charging “Islamophobia” at every turn, ignoring the massive suffering their coreligionists continue to inflict upon disbelievers and even upon fellow Muslims whom they reject as “apostates,” in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

“The Last Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan Plead for U.S. Help,” by Jessica Donati and Ehsanullah Amiri, Wall Street Journal, April 18, 2020:

The last community of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan is seeking asylum in the U.S. after suffering an attack by Islamic State extremists, posing a test of the Trump administration’s pledge to protect and support religious minorities world-wide.

The Islamic State attack targeting a Sikh temple in Kabul last month killed 25 people, while dozens of others were taken hostage in a six-hour siege ending in a gun battle with Afghanistan’s commandos, the elite army unit that works closely with U.S. Special Forces.

There are about 650 Sikhs and Hindus left in Afghanistan. The fear in the community is a reminder of the uncertainty facing the country after the U.S. reached a February deal with the Taliban to withdraw all of its troops next year.

“When the U.S. leaves, life for us will become impossible. It’s only a matter of time that all of us will be eliminated. We want refugee status and protection in a U.S. Army base here. We want this soon,” a Sikh community leader who lost three immediate relatives in the attack told The Wall Street Journal.


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