Bleach products are not curing coronavirus


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The US federal government has shut down the sale of a bleach product promoted as a cure for the coronavirus.

The product also was touted as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, autism, brain cancer, HIV/AIDS and multiple sclerosis.

But it’s real effects included “nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration.”

The Justice Department entered a temporary injunction in federal court in Florida halting the sale the product, Miracle Mineral Solution.

Federal prosecutors allege the defendants — Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, and Mark, Joseph, Jordan and Jonathan Grenon — were selling MMS claiming it would “cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent” coronavirus and other ailments.

“MMS is a chemical product which, when combined with the included activator, creates a powerful bleach product that the defendants market for oral ingestion,” the DOJ explained.

“The Department of Justice will take swift action to protect consumers from illegal and potentially harmful products being offered to treat COVID-19,” said Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt. “We will continue to work closely alongside our partners at the Food and Drug Administration to quickly shut down those selling illegal products during this pandemic.”

The U.S. attorney there, Ariana Fajardo Orshan, warned, “Not only are these products potentially harmful, but their distribution and use may prevent those who are sick from receiving the legitimate healthcare they need.”

The government charges the treatment claims “are unsupported by any well-controlled clinical studies or other credible scientific substantiation. Additionally, the complaint asserts that MMS’s labeling is false and misleading and that since defendants make disease-related treatment claims about MMS in the absence of any clinical data, the products are misbranded.”

Federal prosecutors said the defendants were warned, but they refused to take any corrective action.

FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn said Americans “expect and deserve proven medical treatments and today’s action is a forceful reminder that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will use its legal authorities to quickly stop those who have proven to continuously threaten the health of the American public.”

“It is vital that sellers of drug products comply with the FD&C Act and do not sell products with false and misleading claims, especially to treat COVID-19 and other debilitating diseases, such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease,” he said.



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