Anindita felt the existence of an actor within herself


Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Television viewers in Bangladesh might have known Anindita Sarkar as a brilliant actor through various Indian mega serials. Anindita truly is a complete actor, with acting skill, glamor and sex appeal. Recently this prospering actor has accorded an interview to Blitz. Here are the excerpts.

Blitz: Please tell us something about you, so that our readers from around Bangladesh and the world can know the actor Anindita Sarkar.

Anindita: I believe, all of you know me a bit though various Indian mega serial.  Actually, I am from Howrah city, which is a neighboring district of Kolkata and I come from a cultural Bengali family. Although my father was a banker, but he had affiliation with the theater team of his office. Also, my brothers were in the theater. So, acting is in my blood and I always felt the existence of an actor within myself.

Blitz: We know, you have been simultaneously working in the big screen as well as in the television media. Being an actor, which one attracts you more?

Anindita: Yes, I have worked both in films and small screens. It is really difficult to compare. But to me, whether I work in the film or in the TV, I always put emphasis on the story and the script. I am ready to sacrifice money, but of course I won’t ever miss a good character either in film or drama. My focus is to work in diversified characters, so that my fans and audience can see their Anindita in different shades and color (laughter).

Blitz: If Anindita weren’t an actor, what would have been her profession now?

Anindita: Well, I really don’t know. I have never looked into any other options, as have always considered myself as an actor. This is actually my loved destiny.

Blitz: The Bangla film industry, both in India and Bangladesh are struggling for past many years. What is the main reason behind this?

Anindita: In my personal opinion, lack of good individual content and too much re-making of South Indian films are main reasons. Then of course I should mention about some dishonest production houses, lack of quality thinking, repeating same actors etc. But now a days, some good makers are coming us and I believe, this will contribute in saving Bangla film industry from the current crisis.

Blitz: As an actor, who’s work inspires you more?

Anindita: Well, many. For example, Amitabh Bachchan, Saumitra Chatterjee, Sree Devi, Supria Devi and also a number of theater artists.

Blitz: What are the fundamental differences between today’s Bangla movies and those of, for example 60s?

Anindita: It was a totally different era. Now a days, good films, good directors are coming up and I am optimistic about the return of glory of the Bangla film industry.

Blitz: Please tell us your experience as an actor in Mumbai.

Anindita: Here in Mumbai, people are much more professional. Here we get good  payment and I do find appreciation of my talents.

Blitz: For an actor, the acting skill is a must. Besides that, how important is glamour and sex appeal?

Anindita: As you have said, acting skill is essential. At the same time, any actor needs to have glamour and sex appeal. Once someone has all of these requirements, he or she should be considered as lucky. But what I personally think, at the end of the day, only quality survives. Nothing else!

Blitz: Please tell us about Anindita, as a daughter, a wife and a mother.

Anindita: Honest, caring, loving and too much straightforward (laughter).

Blitz: What has inspired you to become an actor instead of pursuing career in service or business?

Anindita: I believe, it is God. Initially my family even were not supportive of me becoming an actor. I had to fight on my own. So, definitely, it was God.

Blitz: The entire world is now facing the challenged posed by coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of people are also affected by this virus in your own country. Activities of the entertainment industry are on pause. How do you feel being a member of the industry?

Anindita: It is really an extremely difficult time. We, most of the artists are freelancers and due to coronavirus pandemic, our work has already been paused and we do not know, when again we can start earning. Being a positive person, I wish and do believe, this darkness will be done and a better tomorrow is approaching us.

Blitz: In your personal opinion, do you think the world has something to learn from this pandemic?

Anindita: Definitely! This pandemic has let us realize, now money, power, or religion cannot save us. Coronavirus hits everyone – every individual, no matter who he or she is. And of course, this pandemic has taught us, God is one and He is great.

Blitz: Most of the experts are predicting a recession as aftermath of coronavirus, which they are seeing as much more difficult than the Great Depression. If such thing really takes place, how the entertainment industry will survive?

Anindita: Let’s think positive and not draw any conclusion out of predictions or assumption. Let us just wait and see.

Blitz: We know, you are interested in working in Bangladeshi films as well as in dramas and TV serials. Have you been already offered to work by any of the Bangladeshi production houses?

Anindita: I will love to work in Bangladesh. Some film directors from Dhaka are contacting me. Just recently, Dhaka’s leading production house Crown Entertainment has contacted me and most possibly, immediately after this coronavirus pandemic is over, something will be finalized with Crown Entertainment.

Blitz: Thanks for your time, Anindita!

Anindita: Thanks to you. Thanks to the entire team of Blitz, and wishing everyone in Bangladesh and Kolkata, a very happy Bengali new year. Please, each of you stay well, and of course, maintain the lockdown. Love you!


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