Jow Alwyn’s sweetest reaction to Taylor Swift’s love


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Let the love songs continue. Joe Alwyn reacted to Taylor Swift’s songs about him on her albums Lover and Reputation, and he doesn’t mind one bit that his girlfriend waxes poetic about him in her music. “No, not at all. No. It’s flattering,” the Favourite actor, 28, responded when The Sunday Times asked if he found it weird that Swift, 30, has dedicated entire songs to him.

Swift and Alwyn have been linked since October 2016 after they met at the Met Gala and were seen at a concert together a few months later. The couple made their debut in September 2018 after they were photographed holding hands together following a date in New York City. Though Swift hasn’t confirmed which of her songs are about Alwyn, fans speculate that tracks like “London Boy” (for the obvious reasons), “Gorgeous,” “King of My Heart” and several others are about her British boyfriend.

When asked by The Sunday Times about the tabloids’ stories about his relationship with Swift, Alwyn called them “false” gossip and estimated that “99.9 percent” of the rumors are incorrect. “I just don’t pay attention to what I don’t want to pay attention to,” he said. “I turn everything else down on a dial. I don’t have any interest in tabloids. I know what I want to do, and that’s this, and that’s what I am doing.”

A source told E! News in December that Swift has been spending more time in Alwyn’s hometown in London as their relationship becomes more serious. “Taylor has been spending a lot of down time in London. She doesn’t go out much other than to take a walk with Joe or go to the local pub,” the insider said.

We’re glad that Joe is a fan of Taylor’s music, but even if he wasn’t, we’d be thankful for his service, because if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have nearly as many bangers as we do now.


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