India to stand by Bangladesh in resolving the Rohingya crisis


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Because of sincerest efforts of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in particular, there is extreme cordiality between the two neighbors – Bangladesh and India. During the recent visit of the Bangladesh Prime Minister, her Indian counterpart Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured of helping Bangladesh in initiating greater efforts to facilitate the safe return of over one million Rohingya refugees who fled genocide in Myanmar and taken refuge in Bangladesh.

The most remarkable point here is, Indian policymakers had kept themselves aloof from helping Bangladesh in resolving the Rohingya crisis and even India was always using the word ‘Rohingya’ which they possibly thought would have hurt the sentiment of the Myanmar regime.

India has also agreed to provide additional humanitarian aid to help the refugees living in camps in Bangladesh.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his meeting with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has agreed that the measures should include improving security and socio-economic conditions in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

Rohingya refugee issue has become the world’s largest refugee crisis in decades as over one million Rohingya Muslims and Hindus have taken shelter in Bangladesh.

India’s readiness in helping Bangladesh in resolving the Rohingya refugee crisis has already received appreciation in the international media.


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