Dubai launches long-term cultural visa for creative people


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The world’s first long-term cultural visa has been launched in Dubai to attract artists, authors and innovators and establish Dubai as an incubator for regional and international talents, says Gulf News.

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched the first of its kind visa while chairing a meeting for the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, on Tuesday.

During the meeting, Shaikh Mohammad approved a new cultural vision for Dubai so as to turn the it into a global hub for culture.

In a series of tweets, Shaikh Mohammad said: “We have some 6000 companies concerned with arts and culture, five creative complexes and 20 museums. We organize more than 550 cultural events every year attracting millions of visitors, so we do need a new vision that unify and coordinate efforts”.

“We will establish 7 “Schools of Life,” cultural centers to equip young generations with life skills in art, innovation, and creativity. We also approved launching Dubai’s architectural identity and the “Art for Good” global exhibition that will raise funds for good causes” Shaikh Mohammad tweeted.

Upon arrival at the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Shaikh Mohammad was received by Shaikha Latifa Bint Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of Dubai Culture.

“Dubai’s cultural landscape should have global, unique and true characteristics. A global economic capital would not be successful without a cultural and civilized landscape that reflects its sophistication.

Luckily, Dubai has what it takes to be a global cultural destination and a key incubator for talent and creatives”, Shaikh Mohammad said.

He stressed that the UAE has a rich cultural treasures, enough to place it on the world cultural map. Within the next few years, the UAE will progress to be a regional cultural hub and one of the top global destinations for culture through its unique cultural projects, Dubai Ruler added

“Cultural projects and initiatives should be comprehensive and directly deal with all segments of the society. Our civilizational development can be measured by our cultural growth. We must project an intellectual, cultural and knowledge heritage befitting us as the Arab nation and enhancing Dubai’s status as a beacon of culture,” Shaikh Mohammad stated.

Dubai’s new cultural vision will feature more than 15 diverse initiatives covering various cultural and artistic sectors, including a scheme to grant the first of its kind cultural visa, launching Dubai International Literature Season, setting up a free zone for creative talent, and organizing Marmoum Film Festival, as well as launching Dubai’s architectural identity among others.

Shaikha Latifa stressed that new vision will lead to the largest and most comprehensive cultural movement in the emirate, in line with the sustainable economic development being witnessed by Dubai.

“Dubai’s cultural vision will significantly contribute to strengthening the emirate’s position as a key talent incubator, a catalyst for innovation and a leading knowledge and cultural beacon in the region”, she added.

World’s first cultural visa

This initiative includes a scheme to grant a long-term visa for creatives, artists, authors and innovators. It aims to transform Dubai into incubator for regional and international talents.

Free zone for creatives

A free zone for creatives will be established in Al Quoz-Dubai to attract and foster the skills of creative artists, authors and innovators, offering them a wide range of services and facilities.

Dubai International Literature Season

The Dubai International Literature Season will be the largest of its kind in the region, aiming to establish Dubai as the capital of cultural and knowledge content. The event will feature 1000 artistic, literary and cultural events, and hosts the top 100 Arab and international writers and 100 Arab and international publishing houses to activate the publishing sector

Schools of Life

Through this initiative, main public libraries in Dubai will be transformed into integrated cultural centers under the slogan “School of Life” to equip young generations with life skills in art, innovation, and creativity.

Life skills include reading clubs, writing, speaking and interviewing programs, Arabic calligraphy, drawing education and ideas management programs in addition to savings and investment, etiquette education, and handicraft education programs, etc.

Land Art

This initiative aims to create a new global cultural and tourism destination, coinciding with the Golden Jubilee of establishing the UAE.

This initiative will also document Expo 2020 Dubai as the first international event to be hosted by an Arab city.

Dubai International Alumni Exhibition

This exhibition aims to encourage and motivate graduates of universities from around the world to participate in finding innovative solutions to various pressing societal problems using design thinking.

The biggest edition of the exhibition 2020 will be organized during the World Government Summit-Expo 2020. The event is expected to attract more than 1,000 participants and 150 projects from 208 prestigious Arab and foreign universities from around the world.

Marmoum Film Festival

It is an open-air film festival to be held in Al Marmoum, in collaboration with various cinemas with a view to promote Dubai’s attractions.

Dubai buildings.. International artistic landmarks

As part of this initiative, a specialized committee will adopt distinctive architectural designs for Dubai buildings so as to make the city a destination of architectural innovation.

Dubai’s architectural identity

This initiative aims to design and implement a clear architectural identity that makes Dubai different from other international cities. This identity can be placed on public and private buildings.

Hatta Cultural Carnival

The Hatta Cultural Carnival will be held annually with the aim of maintaining the UAE’s cultural heritage and stimulating tourism and economic progress in Hatta, which is famous for its rich natural environment.

‘Art for Good’

As part of this initiative, community-based art events will be held throughout the year to raise funds for good causes. It is to engage the community and harness art to create a cultural dialogue among community members. The events will include an international art week to be held annually in Dubai to support philanthropy and humanitarian goals.

Dubai Gold Group

It is a cultural and economic initiative that aims to develop a special gold production line in Dubai. The initiative will launch a competition to design “Dubai Gold Group” to stimulate the creativity of Emirati manufacturers and boost the economic return of Dubai’s gold sector as well as strengthening its position as a global gold hub.

Explore Dubai’s cultural treasures with Uber

A partnership with Uber will be concluded, in line with the initiative, to facilitate access to Dubai cultural tourism destinations and provide visitors with an interactive cultural experience.

Dubai Art Collections

This initiative will help those interested in art to acquire, display and exchange paintings, sculptures and art pieces.

Dubai Special Collections Season

Through this season, art collectors can showcase their own collections throughout Dubai. This is to motivate owners and collectors of antiques and artworks to display their treasures, raise art awareness among the public and contribute to supporting the artistic economy in Dubai.

Zabeel High School

This initiative aims to renovate historical buildings and landmarks in Dubai including Zabeel high school for girls. The renovated school building will be divided into many multi-purpose sections to be used for hosting art events such as exhibitions, workshops, museums …

Dubai Festival for Cultures and Peoples

This initiative will include a variety of events to celebrate the cultures of Dubai-based communities, highlight the customs, traditions, food and products of each community as well as folk costumes, folklore, products and crafts, according to an annual schedule.


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