Radical Hinduist Narendra Modi’s “acchey din” and India’s question of survival


Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

In 2014, leader of the radical Hinduist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Narendra Modi promised his voters of changing their lives. In Modi’s words, it was “acchey din” or good days. People believed in this pledge thinking Narendra Modi is the “angel” sent to them by the God to transform a developing and struggling India into a prosperous nation. During the last five years, Modi and his political cohorts could bring no good news to the people except spreading the venom of radical Hinduism and religious extremism. Beaf had been banned, Muslims and Christians beaten to death by the members of thuggish Rastriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS) members, Muslims and Christians were forced into religious conversion, India spent billions of dollars in buying orthodox defence items from Russia, though Moscow did not stand in support of Delhi during the recent Indo-Pak tension, Modi enhanced India’s romance with Palestinians and even had refused to brand Hamas as a mega-terrorist outfit, foreign investment in India has alarmingly decreased, unemployment rate has continued to grow etcetera etcetera. Meaning, there is no magic in Narendra Modi anymore as he already is proved to be the worst-ever pretenders in the history of Indian politics.

Another important point about Modi, BJP and RSS is – they have sold their souls to large corporate houses long before the 2014 election and now they in fact are mere purpose-serving agents, if not concubines of those ‘fortunate’ businessmen, who enjoyed all out privilege during last five years. India was once ruled by British imperialist’s East India Company, and after many decades it had now gone under the rule of corporate houses. In this case, the way Narendra Modi and his gang had compromised national interest for ensuring interest of his corporate patrons, anyone may find ‘political escort male and female’ in Modi and his team.

Realizing the plain fact of his total failure in changing the lives of Indians, Modi now has stopped talking about “achhey din”. Now he had become desperate in stroking his Hindu anger against the political rivals. He is even trying to cash the Pulwama issue and calling upon voters to dedicate their votes to the “veer shaheed” (heroic martyrs) of the Pulwama terror attack. So, Pulwama is not one of the strongest political tools for Modi and his team, which would certainly generate question in the minds of voters who may now ask – was Pulwama a drama staged by Narendra Modi?

It is unimaginable that the prime minister of world’s largest democracy, in his desperation to win, has been explicitly talking in a mode like a radical Hinduist hatemonger. Let us not forget, Modi masterminded the Gujarat massacre in 2002 and it was Modi whose hands are dirty with the blood of Muslims who had been butchered by the thuggish RSS men. So Modi has opened the mask of an angel of “acchey din” and finally emerged as modern version of Ravan, whose ambition is of staying in power as long as possible, even at the cost of India and even by screwing-up the future of the people of India.

This time Modi has changed his “acchey din” slogan to “Hindu khatrey mein hay” (Hindus are in danger) slogan. Here the dog whistles and conflating all Opposition as allies of the enemies of Islam and Muslim nations. According to a senior BJP leader, “The Opposition has allowed Modi to grab the Hindu nationalism plank. Conflate the Modi government and BJP with India and the Indian Army”.

Modi doesn’t hesitate in branding the Central Reserve Police Force personnel, who died in the Pulwama terror attacks as “Modi’s Sena” or Modi’s soldiers. Ruling BJP has placed large-sized hoardings in Uttar Pradesh displaying the portrait of Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan, who was captured by Pakistan and later released.

Most of the members of BJP and RSS are openly talking against Islam and this time they even are spreading venom against a peace-loving country like Bangladesh thus falsely branding it as a “country of the Muslims”. They even are talking about annexing Bangladesh and Pakistan to bring back the “lost pride” of “akhand Bharat” (undivided India).

Narendra Modi has no problem with campaign fund as his party is sponsored once again by those corporate looters. These looters have pledged a billions of Rupees behind Modi’s campaign to make sure, the opportunities which had began for them in 2014 does not come to an end. BJP  even had illegally launched ‘NaMo TV’ with the agenda of continuing media offensives against their political rivals. This TV channel was all set to air a biopic of Narendra Modi, thus violating the laws of the country.

While Narendra Modi has very successfully bought the souls of the mainstream media, his political opponents rather are lethargic in making any counter actions. This is mostly because Indian National Congress (INC) expects everyone, including the media, doing everything for INC – free of cost. Such tendency has been already causing damage to INC especially when it is the case of media’s support. Like most of the global media, Indian media too have realized the fact that politics is no more a matter of serving the people. Rather it is simply another type of profession to the politicians. And of course, media do not give coverage to any business for free.

Aspiration of prosperity:

While Narendra Modi has failed in showing sign of any “achhey din” to his people, something praiseworthy has been happening in India’s small neighbor – Bangladesh. Since 2009, Bangladesh, under the magnanimous leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been prospering fast. The country has already emerged into one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Sheikh Hasina does not believe in giving false promises, instead she believes in action. It is her sincerest determination and dedication that has helped Bangladesh in prospering and turning into a role model to the world. The brand ‘Bangladesh’ now is not only a great surprise to the world but it also has successfully transformed into a brand that enjoys admiration and appreciation from the international community.

One of the most intelligent moves of Sheikh Hasina is reshuffling her foreign policy. She has walked out of the decade-old mindset of depending on India and has very successfully established a warm and meaningful bilateral relations with China. Such relations already is seen mutually beneficial. Bangladesh already has embraced Chinese leader Xi Jin Ping’s ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) masterplan under which, the Asian nations would get connectivity with Europe, Africa and beyond. Implementation of OBOR will not only connect Bangladesh with other continents, it also will greatly help in increasing its export trade. At the same time, Bangladesh, being connected with China can benefit from Chinese technologies. But of course, Bangladesh also needs to reshuffle it’s Middle East policy as well as its strategy of spending billions towards buying orthodox defence hardware from Russia. As to the Middle East, Bangladesh needs to further strengthen its relations and cooperation with Saudi Arabia while it also needs to end the decade-old unnecessary rivalry with Israel. Once Dhaka can establish relations with Jerusalem, it can greatly benefit from technological assistance in various sectors, including medical science. Israeli company Oramed Pharmaceuticals recently has invented the oral insulin for diabetes patients while within next 3-4 years, it will be able in finally introducing the required medicinal remedy for permanently curing cancer and diabetes. Currently there are at least 30 million diabetes patients in Bangladesh while 10-15 million are depending on injection insulin. Introduction of Oramed’s oral insulin can instantly help these insulin takers from walking out of the physical suffering of injection insulin. Moreover, Dhaka’s relations with Jerusalem will also help Bangladesh in defence and infrastructure sector.

Can Modi and BJP win the election?

If radical Hinduist Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wins the Lok Sabha election, it will be a grand defeat of the people of India, as because they will continue into the black hole of hopelessness for another five years. If Modi loses, people of India may find some space of breathing, but at the end, there is no guarantee that BJP’s political opponent Indian National Congress (INC) can really salvage India from the current situation of economic backwardness. India may soon face challenges, as its neighboring Bangladesh in particular is becoming economically strong very fast. At the same time, Nepal, another nation in South Asia now has started prospering under assistance from China. Meaning, people of India soon will realize, the rulers in Delhi have miserably failed in ensuring them prosperity. This largest democracy in the world unfortunately now is becoming a haven of liars and pretenders like Narendra Modi. Such complicacy may ultimately cause in rise of internal political and social chaos in India.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is the editor of Blitz. Follow him on Twitter at @Salah_Shoaib


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