Benjamin Netanyahu has emerged as people’s leader


Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa

Israel is the only democracy in the middle-east region, the only Arab nation where people have voting rights.

The whole Arabian Peninsula is a void upon the voting rights, even if there are countries where voting is a citizen right, these countries are facing a lot of issues.

The Arab region is being shaped as a terror producing region whether its Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, or Al-Qaida to name a few. The development of this region has always been a question mark on the ruling elites there. Most of the region is controlled by the kings or dictators. In such a rule no-one can ever expect the rule of democracy. There are some regions like the UAE too where though there is no democracy but the general population is happy for what they are enjoying. Monarchy for many of these countries is a curse.

Israel, a country founded and liberated in the late 1940s, has a system contrary to the other middle-eastern region. The first democratic government in middle-east formed in 1949 showed the world the power of polity.

Today, Israel is one of the greatest powers in not just Arabian peninsula but the world. The system of education adopted and developed by Israeli intellectuals brought the nation in the front row of development.

The latest 2019 General elections in Israel revealed a tremendous victory of people’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu (also known as Bibi). This is the fifth consecutive term Netanyahu won the elections. International political analysts were again proven wrong by this beloved leader of the people of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu has always played a very significant role in international ties. It is during his time that Israel got acceptance by these many countries worldwide.

Today, Israel is known for its technological advancements, military tactics, and intelligence.

Though there is a great disturbance in the region due to geopolitical situations but fighting not with people but with situations Benjamin Netanyahu has emerged as one of the greatest leaders world has ever know. This victory in elections clearly indicates that Israeli people are peace-loving and so as their leader.
Indians see this victory of Netanyahu as a positive sign to fight terrorism. Since independence, India is fighting terrorism and communalism. The model of ideal Israel is based upon the basic principles of humanity so as India.

Since 1947, Indian politics has been encountered by many terrorist and militant situations. The longest ruling party in India, The Indian National Congress, has been threatened and targetted by many terrorist operations since its inception.

“More than 50 leaders of INC including 2 Prime Ministers have been assassinated by the terrorists. It is we who are targetted most in the country. We congratulate PM Netanyahu on his magnanimous victory in the general elections in Israel.” said Congress spokesperson Mr. Anshu Awasthi.

Mr. Kaushal Yadav, a social worker and active member of Samajwadi Party said “PM Netanyahu inspires millions around the world. His glorious leadership and nationalism made us realize that nationalism doesn’t mean communalism. We, Samajwadi people, are very much nationalist and at the same time very much against communalism. Mr. Netanyahu’s continuous victory declares him a people’s hero. We congratulate him on his victory again.”

Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa is the editor of The Eastern Herald


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