Shreya Ghoshal talks about why chartbusters aren’t essential


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Far distanced from the commercial demands of the film industry, music platforms like T-Series Mixtape, Shreya Ghoshal reveals, reintroduce listeners to an array of underrated tracks from cinema.

“Lyrically, we can’t pick numbers that are entirely different when mashing up two songs, because the final piece must sound like one number. So, for this edition, we’ve taken a celebrated romantic song, Tum Hi Ho [Aashiqui 2] and mixed it with an underrated track called Rehnuma [Rocky Handsome],” says the singer. Returning to the show for yet another edition, Ghoshal adds that the concept of pairing a revered track with one that demands more attention had also worked in her favour in the past.

“All songs need not be chartbusters because it’s important to have emotional harmony and lyrical blend,” she says, adding that she make sure she also adheres to the practice during her live concerts. “In the midst of belting out a series of hits, when I sing a song like O Rangrez [Bhag Milkha Bhag], people instantly sit back and listen to it, and realise that the song needed to be heard [attentively].”


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