Unconventional president of world’s ‘most immigrant-friendly country’ has a plan


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Veteran Washington Times political correspondent used a Facebook post to offer his take on the latest drama in Swampville:

The conventional world gasped. DJT had just said he might resort to his constitutionally-mandated, presidential emergency powers to bypass a dysfunctional Congress.

President Donald Trump said he may invoke those powers if the House Dems don’t come up with the $5.7 billion to build the monumentally moral border security thing before time is up on the 21-day government-funding resolution he signed.

It’s already in history’s ledger that it was the border-security promise that helped the Donald deliver an “F” to What’s Her Name when it counted.

That was on the day when they handed out grades over at the electoral college, Nov. 8, 2016.

A contract-by-contract search turned up more than enough money already appropriated for various government construction projects to cover the vertical border-security thing, OMB Director Mike Mulvaney, who is also Trump’s chief of staff, said on Jan. 27.

But it will take a bold, unconventional, unpredictable chief executive to defy the press, the Democrats and the Marco Rubios in the GOP by declaring border jumping a national emergency.

As chance would have it, there’s an occupant of the Oval Office who fits that description.

As for a national emergency, the Border Patrol nabbed nearly 400,000 illegals who jumped from Mexico to our side of the border in fiscal 2018 – an increase of 100,000.

A few are drug-hustling gangsters, thieves, robbers, rapists or murderers. Some are welfare-seeking freeloaders. Most are God-fearing risk-takers who will become hard-working family people, like the millions who came here before them over the last two centuries.

But the border jumpers all will be guilty of having done something grossly unfair to the one-million foreigners who waited their turn to come here legally every year since the new century began.

And the jumpers blemish the reputation of the USA as a nation of laws and equality before the law.

And by the way, it’s not hot-air rhetoric to talk about our being a nation of immigrants of all hues and beliefs. There are 37 million legal immigrants in the U.S. now, making the United States the most immigrant-friendly country in the world.

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