Malaysia’s anti-Semitism centering Paralympic swimming championships


Peter Baum

Editor’s note: This article was submitted by Peter Baum to this newspaper hours after the news about Malaysia being stripped-off hosting the event was already in the media. We are still publishing the article as the writer has detailed the matter in it. We encourage the writers always to consider the time factor and send it to Blitz on a priority basis. When something extremely important and time-sensitive happens as this controversy centering the International Paralympic event, anyone who wants to write on it – must first complete and send the article before engaging much of his/her time and energy on social media worriering. Because, the editorial team of any newspaper needs time to properly edit any article, make correction to typos and grammatical errors. It’s not a roboteam [team of robots] – rather its human being.  

Malaysia, which is a majority Muslim country, banned the athletes because of what Kuala Lumpur sees as “Israel’s poor treatment of Palestinians”. The Israeli foreign ministry condemned the decision and rightly accused Mahathir Mohamad’s Malaysia of anti-Semitism. Mahathir is a known enemy of the Jews and the Jewish State.

Mahathir Mohamad – who gave an interview to the BBC’s HARDtalk program in October, 2018 – became the country’s new prime minister last May and has been criticized for holding anti-Semitic views.

Malaysia has been stripped of hosting the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships for refusing to let Israelis compete, says the International Paralympic Committee.

Andrew Parsons, President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in a statement said, “When a host country excludes athletes from a particular nation, for political reasons, then we have absolutely no alternative but to look for a new championships host”.

Peter Baum’s article:

Malaysia and Ireland currently have a one foreign policy in common and it centres on the only Jewish State in the world. Both these countries believe in selectively punishing this sole beacon of Middle Eastern democracy in support of ‘Palestinian rights’. Although both countries have much in common when it comes to being fashionably anti Jewish, there is one major difference however that separates them. Malaysia through its leader Mahathir Bin Mohammed is totally honest about his racism, whilst Ireland just as it was in WW2 is nauseatingly duplicitous. History evidences that Jews in Malaysia have been treated well and there is indeed a Jewish cemetery. Many Jews from India settled in Malaysia during the early part of the 19th Century and became fully integrated into the fabric of Malaysian society. That was then.

Unfortunately the Prime Minister of Malaysia is a self proclaimed antisemite driven by his own warped understanding of Islam and the Koran. The Palestinian issue is a convenient aside which the sycophantic Malaysian leader has historically used to curry favour with the oil rich Gulf States. The fact that the Koran never mentions the Palestinians or Jerusalem and indeed bequeaths the Holy Land to the Children of Israel is an ignored inconvenience. Moreover, the fact that Shia Islam is banned in Malaysia and if practiced is punishable by death was deemed not to matter by Shia Iran who support Malaysian racism. When it comes to Jew hatred some countries find it mutually acceptable to put aside their own disputes. Is this indeed paradoxically enchanting and only the current world of Islam and it’s ridiculous leaders could be so nauseatingly hypocritical. I repeat Malaysia will kill any Muslim who practices the Shia form of Islam but this is no problem for the main Shia Islamist country, Iran as Malaysia hates Jews.

Nevertheless Mahathir is at least honest and tried putting his antisemitic ideology into practice with the unilateral command that disabled Jews would not be allowed to participate in the upcoming Paralympic swimming championships to be held in Malaysia. This totalitarian imbecile following a Nazi style ideology assumed he had global support given the recent and disproportionate anti Israel Resolutions debates within the United Nations otherwise known as the Theatre of the Absurd.

He vainly attempted to give credibility to this war against the Jewish disabled by allowing rather physically unattractive, verbally incompetent Malaysian Government Ministers in front of the media at the first signs of challenge. They were embarrassingly uncomfortable, unconvincing and were made to look the fools they clearly are without any assistance from the mild mannered interviewers. The BBC’s Hardtalk program known for its anti Israel bias was bewildered at the Sports and Youth Minister’s utter imbecility. Typically the BBC presenter did not feel it necessary to question the Minister about the support they had for Palestinians whose two main political organizations, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas both have Charters calling for either the liquidation of Israel or the extermination of Jews. Despite this deliberate forgetfulness the Minister dug his own grave. Even the most hardened of Islamic Jew haters must have been squirming in front of their TV sets watching this stuttering individual, one of several moronic Malaysian Ministers thrust before western audiences.

Astonishingly there was a price to pay for Malaysian racism as the IPC, the International Paralympic Committee has now banned Malaysia from holding the Games and no country has at the time of writing come to their aid. Clearly Nazi type support of Palestinians does not go down well in the Paralympic world of swimming.

The snub to Malaysian racism has reverberated throughout the Sports world and beyond to the Palestinian chagrin and Israeli delight. The lack of protesting support from the usual hate mob too is a clear sign of the waning support for the Palestinians and their continuing cries of victimhood. Trump started this fight back and found common ground from Sunni Gulf nations alarmed at Shia Iranian influence. Malaysia, completely behind the curve has become a global embarrassment and all thanks to the idiot who leads them.

Now we come to the Irish and their rabid antisemitism. Ireland deny their antisemitism as it is currently unfashionable to be identified as such among the western liberal elite. Irrespective of the fact that Ireland , the only Western democracy to do so, still has on public display several memorials to Nazi collaborators  ( Sean Russell in Fairview Park Dublin and Frank Ryan  in Limerick) and their rabid hatred of all things Jewish State , the Irish delude themselves that their anti semitism is actually pro Palestinianism. Similarly to Malaysia they ignore the Nazi manifestos of the Palestinians in the knowledge that it is a vote winner to hate Jews. Unlike Malaysia however whose leader openly admits to Jew hatred, the cowardly Irish insist Israel’s supporters are paranoid and believe criticism of Israel is not antisemitic. Given that Ireland’s political establishment have only selected the Jewish State to boycott ignoring all the other world events and countries conducting atrocities against minorities, this patently exposes Irish racism, hypocrisy and cowardice. Irish antisemitism can be traced historically to conservative Catholicism and more recently the behaviour of Ireland during WW2 is affectionately deemed neutral – a nice term but completely fictitious. Duplicitous is far more appropriate and on balance pro Nazi. Such is the antisemitism within the Irish DNA that it has morphed into approving another stage of legislation which is aimed solely at punishing the world’s only Jewish State. Recent history exposes a very ugly side to Ireland concerning Jews. Can we ever forget that Ireland supported Hitler’s annexation of Austria and were the only country in the world to offer condolences on the death of Hitler? Must we ignore that the Irish would not allow 500 French children from Drancy into Ireland because they were Jewish. These kids were gassed in the concentration camps. How can we ignore the rapturous applause given by Oliver J. Flanagan in his 1942 maiden speech in the Irish Parliament praising Hitler’s policies towards Jews. He was re-elected with an increased majority and became Minister of Defence in the antisemitic Government of Charles Haughey in the 1970’s.  How is it that only one MP of more than one hundred in the wartime Irish Parliament, John Dillon supported siding with the allies – he resigned in disgust . Ireland’s Jews were eagerly identified at the Wannsee Conference, 1942, by Ireland in the event of a Nazi victory. If more proof were needed of Irish anti Jewish support, scores of Nazi war criminals were helped to safety and indeed some allowed to live within the bosom of Irish society post war. Pieter Mentens and Albert Folens as just two of numerous examples. The original Butcher of the Balkans Andrija Artukovic is another, responsible for over one million deaths. Nor should we ever forget the way the Irish despicably treated those few Irishmen who left Ireland to fight for the allies and having survived the war came back to be punished. They lost all pension rights and were barred from working for Government, Government contractors or suppliers. And thus historical evidence points to a string of anti Jewish sentiment put into practice. No decent person would stoop to the nauseating cowardice of the current band of Irish politicians supported whole heartedly by Ireland’s mainstream media in suggesting that this is driven by concern for Palestinian rights. The Irish have shown no concern for those Palestinians recently killed in Syria by a combination of Syrian, Russian and Iranian troops. Nor did the Irish show any concern for the deaths of Palestinians by Government backed Iranian and Iraqi Shia militias after the fall of Saddam or the deaths of thousands of Palestinians by Jordanian and Pakistanis during Black September. Ireland has never shown concern for the hundreds of Palestinians summarily executed by Hamas just for opposing Hamas nor the Palestinians killed during the Hamas Fatah conflict. Those gay Palestinians tortured and murdered by Hamas for their sexual orientation received no Irish support nor did the children killed by forced labour during tunnel construction. It will not surprise you to learn that Malaysia ignored these unfortunate episodes on the Palestinians too. Sympathy for Palestinians only exposes itself in anti Jewish State politics. Whilst the International Community has stayed silent during this latest round of Irish antisemitism some movement is afoot. The Boston Irish are apoplectic with Ireland as they were with them during WW2 and the Boston Globe is leading the opposition. Moreover a nice little protest movement is starting in earnest by the author of this article – BROIGAS which stands for Boycott Republic Of Ireland Goods And Services and ironically is a Yiddish word meaning anger. Frankly any decent person should be very angry at Ireland’s despicable actions and make their feelings known.

Peter Baum is extremely active on the social media. He is also is a Special Contributor of Blitz.


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