Iranian regime continues violating rights of Christians


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A new report details how last year brought continued violation of religious freedom for Iranian Christians, cumulating in an unprecedented wave of raids targeting the underground church during the Christmas season. The report, which was compiled by a number of human rights groups, details the status of several imprisoned Christians, church closures, property rights violations, as well as the surveillance and harassment of Christians.

The report, which is entitled the 2018 Annual Report (on) Violations of the Rights of Christians in Iran, states:

“Religious and political leaders in Iran continue to speak out against Christianity. It is therefore unsurprising that the Christian community experiences repression in various forms. The Iranian intelligence service (MOIS) closely monitors Christian activity and, together with the Revolutionary Guard (IRCG), has raided Christian gatherings in private homes, arresting all in attendance and confiscating personal property. Those arrested have been subjected to intensive and often abusive interrogation.”

A majority of the reported violations involved Christian converts from Islam being rejected by society, and many minorities imprisoned or sentenced to long jail terms. Christian minorities encountered erratic house raids on private house gatherings, leading to a large amount of arrests, or their sentences upheld by the Court of Appeal. Also, in several cases, church properties remained under constant threat of confiscation and closure.

International Christian Concern


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