Erdogan funding Jamaat e Islami, extends assistance to ARSA in spreading jihad


Sohail Choudhury

While counterterrorism expert Abha Shankar has detailed as to how Turkey under the rule of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has been extending assistance to militancy-linked Jamaat e Islami Bangladesh (JIB) in spreading jihad, team of investigative journalists in Blitz has revealed some shocking information on Erdogan’s evil agenda of destabilizing South Asia by providing money and weapons to JIB as well as Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

Since 2017, Turkey has been operating religious schools named maqtab for the Rogingya Muslim refugees sheltered in Bangladesh. It may be mentioned here that, over 1.1 million Rohingya refugees are currently sheltered in various refugee camps in Bangladesh while the number of children in those camps stands at over three hundred thousand. Turkish-funded maqtabs (elementary Koranic schools) are indoctrinating religious hatred and jihad into the minds of these kids, thus turning them into future jihadists. While Bangladesh authorities are extremely vigilant on the activities of foreign NGOs operating in the refugee camps, teachers from Turkey are tactfully brainwashing the children by narrating stories of heaven and hell as well how the “privilege” a Muslim martyr enjoys in the eyes of Allah. They also are talking about conspiracies of “defaming” and “defeating” Islam by the “enemies of Allah”.

Children attending the maqtabs also learn about how “Jews and Christians” are “disobeying Allah” by promoting secularism. Those teachers bring the example of Myanmar authorities [which has forced Rohingyas in fleeing to Bangladesh escaping genocide] stating, this was now “Muslims are being” persecuted by the “enemies of Allah” and Rohingyas can return to their ancestral land in Myanmar only when “these un-Islamic forces are defeated” by the “angels of Allah”.

One of the maqtabs in the Rohingya refugee camps is run by Sadakataşı Foundation, an Istanbul-based nongovernmental organization had opened the “”DNA Digital Education Center” at the Mainnerghona camp, which is currently hosting at least 22,000 Rohingya refugees. Two teachers are providing education centers.

Foundation head Kemal Özdal, drew attention to the overloaded refugee camps, saying that education is one of the biggest problems in the camps in Bangladesh. “We are happy to open our eighth school for Rohingya children,” Özdal said.

It may be mentioned here that, formal education is banned for the children in the refugee camps.

To ascertain the degree of influence those Turkish-run maqtabs are being able to plant on the minds of the refugee children, we can read a news item published in Yeni Safak, which had published a photograph of these children offering prayers for the “Turkish soldiers” during the operation in Syria’s Afrin province.

Erdogan’s evil nexus with JIB and ARSA:

As part of his ambition of emerging as the neo-Sultan of the Muslim world, Recep Tayyip Erdogan not only is collaborating with Jamaat e Islami, but he also has been giving fund and logistic supports to the members of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

According to a report by Abha Shankar, which has been published in Blitz, “Turkey’s strong backing of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has been extensively catalogued, but not much has been written about the country’s support for the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), the Brotherhood’s ideological cousin in South Asia that also has an active presence in North America.

“JI’s role in advancing the Islamist agenda of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) was highlighted by a senior aide to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a video interview last year. JI and the MB are “soft power proxies” that helped bolster Turkey’s role as leader of a global caliphate “defending oppressed and victimized Muslims,” Yasin Atkay told the pro-government Hilal TV.”

She further wrote, “JI’s leadership also openly applauds Turkey’s Islamist leader and regime. After Erdogan was reelected president in June, for instance, JI Pakistan chief Siraj ul Haq called him “a great leader of the Muslim world.” Another JI leader described Turkey as “the hope of the Ummah [world community of Muslims].”

“Turkey under the Islamist AKP has become a key sponsor of JI-affiliated organizations in Bangladesh and Pakistan as well as the Islamist movement’s proxy groups in North America.”

While Turkey is continuing its dubious activities within the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, Iran also is suspected to be doing the same through the medical centers established within the same areas.

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