Who are behind an anti-government video?


Blitz Exclusive

Serious conspiracies are taking place against the ruling Awami League ever since it won landslide victory in the December 30 general election. Conspirators are active at home and abroad, making frantic bids in putting the government into trouble. Cashing the ongoing demonstrations by some unruly workers of the readymade garment factories in Dhaka, the same group of conspirators are sending letters to major buyers of Bangladeshi RMG [Ready Made Garments] products in the Western nations stating, the government is “oppressing” the workers [mostly female workers] who went on the street with the “legitimate demand” of increase in their wages. According to the conspirators, “since Bangladesh also has been elevated to the rank of a fastest-growing economy” cost of life in the country has increased several folds during past 10 years. Under such circumstances, it is impossible for the RMG workers in maintaining family with the minimum monthly wage of BDT 8,000 [US$ 94].

Prison authority behind anti-government activity:

Meanwhile on December 28, 2018, a video containing statement of Lt Col (Rtd) Tarek Sayeed, former Commanding Officer (CO) of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) unit 11 was uploaded on the social media by a fugitive Bangladeshi journalist named Elias Hussain, who is now in the US living on political asylum. In this video, Tarek Sayeed is seen making false statements on purpose with the ulterior motive of putting RAB and the government into controversy.

Tarek Sayeed is a condemned convict in the Narayanganj 7-murder case, which took in April 2014.

Blitz has privately investigated the matter on seeing this disturbing content.

According to our findings, the video was recorded sometime during first week of December [Tarek Sayeed is seen wearing a pullover in the video too, proving it was done during this winter], though the date in the camera or mobile phone had been on purpose changed to 2007. But, any naïve even will understand, since the incident took place in 2014, it is beyond question that the video was filmed in 2007.

How the things happened:

On that day of filming, Tarek Sayeed went to the office of the Senior Superintendent of Kashimpur Central Jail [Part-2] and after staying there some minutes, he [Tarek] went to meet members of his family. At the advice of Tarek, a mobile phone was taken inside although taking mobile phone inside the prison is totally illegal. None of the officials were present during this meeting although it is mandatory. Reason behind such privilege enjoyed by Tarek Sayeed is, the Senior Superintendent Subrata Kumar Bala and Jailer Dewan Tarikul are on monthly payroll of a number of wealthy prisoners including Tarek Sayeed, Noor Hussain, Gias Uddin Mamun [shifted to another jail days before the election] and Hall Mark scam ringleader Tanvir Mahmud.

Both Senior Superintendent and jailer maintain extreme intimacy with those ‘donor prisoners’ and almost on a regular basis, they visit these individuals at the late hours of night thus gossiping. It was Giasuddin Mamun who had given an impression to these officials of Kashimpur Central Jail [Part-2] stating the government will be changed on December 30 as there will be a “ballot revolution.” Ever since Tarek Sayeed was transferred to this jail, the authorities have always considered him as a “most powerful person” because of his in-law’s connection with the ruling party.

One of the prison staffs already saw a visitor recording the statement of Tarek Sayeed and he had immediately brought this matter to the attention of jailer and senior superintendent. But none had initiated in stopping them from filming or confiscating the camera or at least deleting the content for reason best known to them. By doing so, they not only have violated the service rules of a public servant but also have actively collaborated in a serious conspiracy against the government.


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