How Palestinians and their supporters are mocking the Qur’an?


Peter Baum

One of the fundamental tenets of the so called ”Palestinian Struggle” is the craving desire based on Islamic scripture that the City of Jerusalem is of such importance to Islam that the City must form the Capital of a Palestinian Nation State . This overriding religious belief has been as much part of the ”Palestinian ” narrative as has the mythical ”Nahkba” which from validated, historical evidence is gradually being put back into the Mythology sections of libraries.

In this article we will verify beyond any doubt that the claim to Jerusalem by Palestinians and their global support base is not only a flawed claim but actually mocks and defies the true followers of Islam. Moreover, again from a religious perspective it can be considered appropriate that much of the turmoil within Islam today, such as Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iran among others, is due  entirely as a consequence of those who support Palestinians and their false claim to Jerusalem. Scrutiny, study and simple analysis of the Qur’an, and its teachings from  Suras will clearly identify that Palestinians and Islamic supporters are in direct conflict, defiance and  contradiction of the Qur’an  and therefore are directly  for Islam’s current woes. Moreover, those non Muslims supporting the false claims as part of the religious narrative are only exacerbating Islamic global turmoil and according to Islamic scripture should be punished for their deceit. Frankly I have zero interest in following this line of enquiry even though it will undoubtedly lead to an interesting journey.

On what therefore is my assumption and analysis based ? How will this article stun the millions of readers and refute fifty years of narrative being inundated on Muslims and non Muslims alike which has been allowed to go unchallenged by the political, religious and media elite? How has the mocking defiance of the Qur’an gone unnoticed and left to the teachings of defilers, disrespectful and mocking  souls all for the sake of the ” Palestinian ” cause.

The uneducated, misinformed and those being subjected to decades of lies , mythological narrative , propaganda and antisemitism will  find these  truths unpalatable . Research by those within those aforementioned categories will verify this forthcoming statement and may, just may to the educated among them and those will fair minds possibly change their views on the  Israel / Palestine issue.

It is a fact that neither the words Jerusalem nor Palestine ever appear in the Qur’an.  Let’s sit back and study this quite incredibly, dramatic statement for a moment. There is no mention of either Jerusalem or Palestine within the Qur’an!  And if this is true then how can from a religious perspective, Jerusalem be so fundamentally important and connected to Palestinian claims. The truth….. yes the absolute truth is simply that Jerusalem, religiously has no part to play in the Palestinian narrative . The propaganda has morphed into fact. The Palestinian have mimicked the teachings of the Nazi propaganda chief Goebbels who stated that if you tell a lie enough times it will be believed. In fact as we have proved the religious link of the Palestinians to Jerusalem is an absolute myth. Ironically and to give credibility to this fact, the original 1964 Palestinian Charter did not  even mention any claim to Jerusalem.

Conversely within the Old Testament, that is the Jewish Bible, Jerusalem is mentioned nearly seven hundred times and its importance is repeated in the daily prayers of Jews globally. Not so in Islam where it is never mentioned. Thus one can easily establish from a purely religious view how important Jerusalem is to those following Judaism and the non importance of Jerusalem to Muslims.

Further analysis of Quranic teachings and a review of historical evidence only dilutes further the false claims of Palestinians who from a Quranic perspective never existed let alone identifying Jerusalem as a city of religious importance.

Why is this religious fact never challenged by politicians or writers during debates on the subject? Why has it been left to Weekly Blitz to identify the truth?

Another fact that Palestinians will find unbearable is the way the Qur’an describes the alleged Night Journey. This Sura is often used as tenuous proof of Jerusalem’s importance to Islam, though not one must add to the ”Palestinians”. Sura 17.001.

”Glory to Allah Who did takes his servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque….”

It is assumed that the Sacred Mosque was located in Mecca. But where was the ”the farthest Mosque?”. This Mosque would have been either Medina or Jirana about ten miles from Mecca. It could not have been the Mosque in Jerusalem. Why? Simply because Jerusalem had not yet been invaded by Muslims and contained not a single Mosque. Mohammed died around 636 AD and Muslims entered Jerusalem around the mid to late seventh century and the first Mosque was not built until 715 AD.

If these truths are unpalatable for the ”Palestinians”, their Muslim and non Muslim global support base and the propaganda being taught by radical Imams then the following truths must be even more nauseating for them. The following Suras actually bestow and bequeath the Land of Israel to the Jewish People.

Al Baqara 2.47 ”O Children of Israel call to mind the special favour which I , Allah have bestowed upon You and that I preferred You above the whole world.

Al Maida 5.21 ”O my people enter the Holy Land which Allah hath assigned unto you and turn not back ignominiously for then will  ye be overthrown to your own ruin.

Al Aaaraf 7.137 And we Allah made a people considered weak and of no account, inheritors of lands in both east and west lands , whereon we sent down our blessings . The fair promise of the Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel , because they had patience and constancy and We leveled to the ground the great works and fine buildings which Pharaoh and his people erected.

Al Israa – 17.104 And We Allah said thereafter to the Children of Israel ”Dwell securely in the Land of Promise, Israel.

Now there are numerous other Suras which are so obvious in their meaning which ensures the Promised Land, The Land of Milk and Honey, The Land of Israel is that of the Jewish People as per the teachings of Allah and his prophet as per Qu’ranic teachings. These Suras ar as follows –

AlAaraf 7.138; Yunus ; 10.93, Al Israa 17.2, Ta Ha 20.80; Al Mu’min 40.53, Al Dukhan 44.32; Al Jathiyah 45.16;

Other Suras according to the Qur’an which identified and chose the Children of Israel above all other nations to own the Land of Israel are also noted below:

2.40; 2.63; 2.65; 2.83; 2.85; 2.87; 2.121;3.187;5.12; 5.20; 5.70; 14.67;28.3; 32.22; 45.17; 57.26.

Let us also be clear on some Suras which actually condemn the Yahudis Jews or Judeans. The collective term for Jewish people or those of the Jewish faith within the Qur’an is The Children Of Israel. The aforementioned pronouns are contemptuous terminologies for those of the Jewish faith who were militant inhabitants of Medina and not the Jewish people collectively.

Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi in his renowned papers fully explains why Muslims must recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish State. He also explains that the Islamic view of the Jews returning to Israel as a Western invasion and Zionism as colonialism is a very recent Arab political view which has no basis in authentic Islamic faith.

Years of false narratives about the Palestinian claim to Jerusalem must be challenged and repeated not only for the sake of Religious Truth but also for world order. Moreover, those that support such claims irrespective of their logic be it religious, political or human bias must be exposed, educated and continuously debated by reference to Islamic original sources.


Peter Baum is a Special Contributor of Blitz.


  1. What a journey into the past of Jews & Arabs. This was compelling reading Peter & it confirms my thoughts & belief in the Jewish People, Judaism & the Holy Land. I’m Irish Catholic, reared on both Old & New Testament & father was paramount in my religious teaching from my infancy & my Religious Knowledge when in school. My father was schooled by Jesuits & was a hard task master. I learnt from an early age that Israel was the home of the Jewish Peoplem


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