Symphony of peace


Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Oh Lord of the universe

Please never breed the seed of fear in my mind

Give me your power of over-winning all odds

Your strength of crossing the roads of adversities

Give me the sense to make precise decision

In touching the colors of success.


Oh Lord of love

Please never turn me into a betrayer

Nor let me ever be betrayed by anyone

Generate the beauty of affection and love in me

Blossom the flower of kindness

Let me love and be loved.


Oh Lord of eternal beauty

Let me spread the fragrance of peace

In stopping war and blood-shed

Making an end to religious hatred

Seeing the world that we always aspired

Where people know what is peace!


Oh Lord the merciful

Shower your infinite blessings on everyone

Protect people from every form of evil

Give them the power to be modest and sober

Remove each dark spot from their heart

Keep them under your fullest protection.


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