Stubborn Joe Biden pushes America towards a messed-up fate

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Weeks ago, leaders and supporters of Democratic Party were trying to get an answer to a question – can President Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump in November’s presidential elections? But now – following a grand flop performance of Biden during June 27 debate, democracy in the country has been put into an awkward, unpredictable and fascinating situation, while morally wrecked stubborn old campaigner Biden might be seeing a SOB in anyone who is suggesting him to quit the race and let someone else become party’s candidate to face Trump.

Democrats believe – with an advancing age, gradually exposed signs of cognitive decline and the mortal frailties, it is impossible for Biden to run the office for another four years.

Most importantly, America’s mighty intelligence establishment, which were indulged into delusion, thinking – “When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold – or worse” is gradually fading-away. Following the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, unbearable floodgate of illegal migrants and an imminent humiliating defeat in Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine; there is a much-bigger issue gradually becoming prominent for the future ruling elites of the country.

According to a June 25, 2024 letter written by Senator Charles E. Grassley,  poor vetting procedures of over 97 thousand Afghans by the Biden administration would soon pose a serious threat to the national security of the United States.

In this letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Senator Grassley claimed, there are sleeper cells in every urban area in the US. There have been media reports claiming, members of Islamic State, who entered the country during Biden’s tenure, were arrested by law enforcement agencies. Prior to these arrests, investigators began monitoring their communications and followed their activities on social media and encrypted sites and finally the FBI uncovered that these individuals were in contact with “bad actors” with potential ties to ISIS.

In May 2024, a Jordanian national who entered the US by crossing the border was arrested for attempting to ram their way into Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia with a box truck. Commenting on this, Army veteran Ben Varlese told the media, the attempted terror attack by the Jordanian was “nothing more than a test run”.

Varlese told WND “individuals from Iran and Venezuela, as well as other bad actors connected to the Taliban, Al-Qaida and Da’esh (Islamic State/ISIS) have infiltrated the US and could cause no end of havoc domestically”.

Meanwhile, a media report said, several US military bases in Europe were put on high alert this past weekend over a possible terror attack in the region that could target American personnel, according to multiple reports.

The alert is the second highest state of alarm issued by the US Army, and an American official at one of the bases said they hadn’t witnessed that level in at least a decade.

The US Army garrison in Stuttgart, Germany, where the US European Command has its headquarters, was one of many bases that raised its status to the alert level, Force Protection Condition “Charlie”, officials told CNN.

According to independent military publication Stars and Stripes, along with several facilities in Germany, the United States army bases in Italy, Romania and Bulgaria have also received the alert.

While there are potential threats of terrorist attacks in the US, the Biden administration has recently decided to establish relations with the Taliban in Afghanistan for fighting ISIS-K. It may be mentioned here that the Taliban regime has been continuing extreme cruelty and human rights violations particularly on girls and women.

Justifying their decision to form an alliance with the Taliban, the Biden administration says, Western governments are scrambling to keep up with the mounting danger ISIS-K poses. Following the gruesome massacre at Crocus City Hall in Moscow on March 22, which killed over 130 people and injured hundreds more, the Biden administration is saying – there are potential threats posed by ISIS-K of launching terrorist attacks in the US and other Western countries. The Crocus City Hall massacre was the deadliest terrorist attack in Europe since 2004.

In my opinion, the Biden administration’s decision of establishing links with the Taliban to fight ISIS-K is a mere eye-wash. In reality, following America’s retreat from Afghanistan, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has lost its prospect of making billions of dollars through narco-trade by joining hands with Afghan drug-lords and the Taliban.

Furthermore, by re-establishing its presence in Afghanistan, Washington would once again play its scare-crow card to frighten oil-rich Middle Eastern countries and extract billions of dollars by selling weapons.

Meanwhile, in June 2024, the Biden administration lifted a ban on weapon supplies and training to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion (also known as Azov brigade), who are directly connected to neo-Nazi ideology.

Moscow condemned the decision with Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov saying the United States was “even prepared to flirt with neo-Nazis” to suppress Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated about a “neo-Nazi regime” in Kiev, while Western media consistently tried to brand this claim as “false”.

It may be mentioned here that having fought under an explicitly Nazi symbol – a titled version of the Wolfsangel, borrowed from the Third Reich’s 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich, which the group has insisted is simply an ‘N’ and an ‘I’ to stand for “National Idea” – the Azov Battalion was always highly controversial and has been accused by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights of engaging in war crimes including torture, looting and unlawful detention and by persecuting Ukraine’s Roma and other communities.

In the ongoing conflict, Azov Battalion members have been brutal enough to coat their bullets in pig’s blood in the hope of causing maximum anguish to any Chechen Muslim soldiers they might happen to shoot.

Earlier, the US Congress moved to block Azov Battalion from benefiting from any American aid for their neo-Nazi connections. But now, it seems, Joe Biden or his shadow in Kiev – Volodymyr Zelensky have no problem in romancing with neo-Nazis and enemies of Jews, despite the fact, Zelensky earlier claimed to be Jewish and Biden boasted to be a Zionist.

With all of such controversies and crises, for American voters, it is extremely difficult to choose their next leader as there is potential possibility of election manipulation, censorship of media and social media and using illegal immigrants in casting their votes in favor of Joe Biden.

For Biden, the biggest challenges are – winning the election somehow or anyhow and boosting the morale of Zelensky with billions of dollars to keep his proxy-war in Ukraine active at least until November 5. For the United States, the main challenge would emerge immediately after the elections as none of the losing sides may accept the result, which shall result in a bloody civil war in the country. And let us not forget – there are 450 million weapons – including sophisticated automatic rifles and machine guns inside households in the country.

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