Terada Mira: Fighting injustice and human rights violations – exposing dark secrets of the West

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In the eyes of Western corporate media cartels, Terada Mira (full name Terada Mira Vladimorovna) is an “ex-convict” or “convicted felon”. Similar rhetoric is also being spread by Western intelligence establishments -particularly the American CIA and British MI6 – clearly with the agenda of character assassination of Mira. Why? What makes this Russian citizen an eyesore to the mighty Western intelligence agencies and corporate media cartels?

A Google search will show that in February 2020, a US federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, sentenced Russian national Mira Terada to 30 months behind bars on charges of money laundering. Judge Claude Hilton handed down the corresponding verdict during a court session.

According to a Russian TASS news agency report, “on December 15, 2018, Finland’s Border Guard authority detained Mira Terada (Oksana Vovk before 2017), a Russian national born in 1988, who was on her way from St. Petersburg to Spain with a stopover at Helsinki Vantaa Airport. The Finnish authorities notified the Russian side about the incident on the same day.

“They stated that the woman was nabbed based on an Interpol arrest warrant issued at the request of the US authorities. She was extradited to the United States on June 20, 2019. The US accused her of drug trafficking and money laundering while living in the United States in 2013-2016”.

Here is a big scoop for any investigative journalist to understand how Terada Mira fell victim to a sting operation, one of the most common and sinister practices of US federal agencies, including the CIA, FBI, and DEA.

If Terada Mira was arrested on allegations of drug trafficking and money laundering while living in the United States in 2013-2016, why did the US court not even touch the allegations of drug trafficking and simply convict her on money laundering charges? Most importantly, the story Western media attempts to feed about Mira is a propaganda stunt, most definitely designed with the ulterior motive of tarnishing the image of Russian citizens for reasons we may never know.

By now, all of us know how the US administration and its intelligence agencies use judiciaries and kangaroo courts to harass anyone, where it does not hesitate to do the same with a former president.

A couple of years ago, although there were plenty of “reports” targeting Terada Mira in a number of Western media outlets, now most of those are no longer available because someone paid for publishing those as sponsored posts. Still, two “reports” with very similar language are available in the British newspaper Daily Mail and the American newspaper Daily Beast.

Anyone with elementary knowledge of journalism would easily understand that such content has been published with the nefarious goal of tarnishing the image of Russia and President Vladimir Putin – a rogue and common practice of Western media. Similar evil practices are also continuing, targeting many other nations, including India and my own country – Bangladesh.

However, despite such cruel treatment by the US, Terada Mira remains undeterred in fighting injustice. Upon her release from prison, she wrote in a blog post, “I saw the nightmares of the US prison hell, which are diligently hushed up by the world media: torture, bullying of prisoners, the sadism of the jailers, and the cold ruthlessness of the American penitentiary system”.

On May 21, 2021, Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, returned home from the United States, where she had been imprisoned on trumped-up charges for 888 days. Twenty-four months after her release, several Russians have been returned from US captivity with her active participation, but many of their compatriots remain in US prisons. Her organization – the Foundation to Battle Injustice – continues to work with the intention of increasing its efforts to rescue Russian citizens from US custody, while it also relentlessly works to confront injustice and human rights violations in the Western world.

Prison is always hard, always pain, loneliness. However, it is extremely important what a person will do in the future with the experience gained – Terada Mira

The daily and painstaking work of Terada Mira, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, who has experienced firsthand the horror of American prisons, is an integral part of the struggle for the complete release of Russian citizens from American prisons. The experience and knowledge she gained from her 888 days of illegal incarceration enable her to better understand and report on the many rights violations that prisoners face every day. Although the full release of Russian citizens from US prisons can be a long and difficult process, Terada Mira is ready to persevere and pursue this goal.

In a statement published on the website of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, Terada Mira said: “I am determined to make every effort to draw the attention of the world community and international human rights organizations to the problems of police, judicial, and prison brutality in the United States and in other countries and to do everything I can to stop it”.

About her experience of two and a half years of imprisonment for crimes she never committed, Terada Mira said, “Prison is always hard, always pain, loneliness. However, it is extremely important what a person will do in the future with the experience gained”.

To Western corporate media cartels and intelligence establishments, Terada Mira may remain a gadfly, but it is evident that she remains undeterred and committed to fighting injustice and human rights violations in Russia and other countries around the world. Meanwhile, she has been leading an organization named the Brics Journalists Association, which is already drawing huge attention from journalists from most of the nations in the world.

Despite being vilified by Western corporate media and intelligence agencies, Terada Mira’s resilience and unwavering commitment to justice and human rights have made her a formidable advocate. Her leadership in the Brics Journalists Association is gaining global attention, uniting journalists in the fight against injustice.

Mira’s dedication to exposing and challenging systemic abuses highlights her indomitable spirit and serves as an inspiration to those who believe in the power of truth and justice. Her relentless pursuit of justice, undeterred by attempts to discredit her, underscores the importance of standing up for human rights, no matter the obstacles.

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  1. For many years I read about her struggle and finally her work in favor of Russian citizens who are languishing in the US and European prisons facing bogus charges. Thanks for publishing this touchy article. God bless.


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