Biden’s attempt to get back on track with White House speech flops miserably

Joe Biden, Biden

The Democrats have created a monster-one that is no longer able to be controlled. His name is President Joe Biden. Once a puppet designed for the purpose of delivering permanent control of our nation to the left, Biden has seemingly gone rogue. He now believes that he is king, most certainly with whispers from the Biden family spurring on his delusion.

Now, all the party can do is manage the carnage Biden produces and figure out how to keep the entire plan from exploding. Biden isn’t making that easy. His recent speech following the Supreme Court’s decision on the Trump vs. United States case came across as vindictive and frankly, laughable.

The speech, intended as a staunch defense of the rule of law and a rebuke of former President Donald Trump, completely flopped. The words he spoke seemingly described him more than Trump. One couldn’t help but recognize the hypocrisy, given how Biden and the Biden administration have run roughshod over this country. “This nation was founded on the principle that there are no kings in America. Each, each of us is equal before the law. No one, no one is above the law, not even the president of the United States.” How rich, considering Biden’s two-sided justice system and the self-imposed monarchy in which he sits.

Political commentator Scott Jennings couldn’t have been more accurate in pointing out Biden’s forked tongue during an interview on CNN after the speech. Specifically, he reminded everyone how Biden has made disregarding Supreme Court decisions just part of everyday operations for the White House. A clip of Jennings’ brilliance was shared on X: “Tonight, he comes out and attacks the Supreme Court and says, ‘Oh, the president can now do whatever he wants.’ The same guy, by the way, whose centerpiece of his speeches is ‘the Supreme Court tried to stop me. They blocked me, but they’ll never stop me on student loans.’”

Is this death by one’s own sword, perhaps? If Biden’s handlers thought this would change the post-debate discourse, they were sadly mistaken. It seems far-fetched to think that their part is anything but inconsequential now. Biden’s inability to formulate clear words and proper fluidity when laying out SCOTUS emphasized his cognitive decline yet again. “Joe Biden … came out tonight and spoke for four minutes off of a teleprompter. He’s good for four minutes today, as long as somebody else wrote it,” Jennings said.

Biden is in no shape to be president of the United States, today, tomorrow, and every other day thereafter. Regaling the importance of the position at home and to the rest of the world did him no favors against the backdrop he created. Nor did the venom he projected onto Trump. Monday night’s commercial-like speech delivered points of no real consequence-but he did continue to repeat the lies spun about the events of Jan. 6.

The fact that he addressed the press and public with such rancor then refused to take any questions was insulting and exceptionally flawed. It will do nothing to calm the concerns of voters who already think that Biden is unfit to be president. Steve Cortes captured the moment beautifully on X. “Wow. Joe Biden trashes the Supreme Court with prewritten remarks and then waddles away without taking questions. This man is shot,” he wrote.

To hand-wring about presidents abusing power when Biden is all about it and more is hardly shocking but enormously telling. The scent of fear and comeuppance is in the air.

Biden’s speech was supposed to rally support and demonstrate his commitment to upholding the rule of law. Instead, it showcased his administration’s double standards and his own cognitive struggles. The president’s rhetoric about equality before the law rings hollow when viewed against his administration’s actions. Critics argue that Biden has presided over a deeply divided nation, where justice seems increasingly partisan and selective.

Moreover, Biden’s refusal to engage with the press following his speech was seen as a cowardly move, evading accountability and scrutiny. For a president who promised transparency and a return to normalcy, this behavior only adds to the growing perception that he is out of touch and unfit for office.

The broader implications of Biden’s failed speech are significant. It reflects a presidency struggling to maintain coherence and authority amidst internal and external pressures. The disconnect between Biden’s words and actions underscores a leadership crisis that could have profound consequences for the Democratic Party and the nation.

In the context of the Trump vs. United States case, Biden’s attempt to draw a moral high ground falls flat. The irony of his statements about no one being above the law is not lost on his critics. They point to his administration’s own legal and ethical lapses, from handling the student loan forgiveness program to navigating the complex landscape of executive power.

As Biden’s presidency continues to face challenges, the effectiveness of his leadership remains in question. His ability to connect with the American people, deliver coherent messages, and uphold his promises is under intense scrutiny. The administration’s handling of the Supreme Court decision and Biden’s subsequent speech have done little to reassure a skeptical public.

President Biden’s recent White House speech was intended to reassert his commitment to the rule of law and challenge the actions of his predecessor. However, it ended up highlighting his administration’s inconsistencies, his cognitive struggles, and the deepening crisis of confidence in his leadership. The Democrats now face the daunting task of managing the fallout and navigating a path forward amidst growing doubts about Biden’s fitness for office. The speech that was meant to rally and inspire instead served as a stark reminder of the challenges and contradictions at the heart of Biden’s presidency.

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