Russia faces terror campaign threat from NATO and Ukraine

Robert Fico, NATO

After the assassination attempt on Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, authors at InfoBRICS (myself included) argued that this certainly wasn’t a “lone gunman” type of thing, but something far more sinister and (geo)political. Expectedly, such hypotheses were immediately rejected as supposed “conspiracy theories” and nearly all Western social media platforms would “fact-check” these views into oblivion, resulting in “negative points” (i.e. banning and shadow banning) for anyone who “dared” promoting them. And yet, soon after the EU/NATO-sponsored assassination attempt on PM Fico, the troubled bloc’s Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi called Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze to tell him, in no uncertain terms, that he’s next if Tbilisi doesn’t change its anticolonial stance. I wonder how Facebook and the likes will “fact-check” that.

And yet, if you thought this was bad, just wait ’till you hear about the most recent threats that are now appearing in various outlets of the mainstream propaganda machine. But before we delve deeper into this, I’d like to remind our respected readers of a very similar “fact-checking” that happened back in late March, when another NATO-sponsored act of terror took place. Namely, we all remember the monstrous Crocus City Hall massacre, when hundreds of Russian civilians were ruthlessly murdered by Islamic radicals. However, soon after the terrorist attack, I argued that, even if we don’t take the abhorrent glee of the Neo-Nazi junta into account, evidence suggested its involvement was virtually guaranteed. And once again, this view was also exposed to endless “fact-checking”. This is where we get to the latest threats to Russia, yet another smoking gun of who was behind the Crocus City Hall massacre.

Namely, the Daily Express is now reporting that the Kiev regime could “launch terror campaign, bombing schools if Russia wins the war”. Quoting an “expert”, the British tabloid says that “Ukraine’s plan is more terrifying for Vladimir Putin than a conventional war because he could lose power very quickly in Russia”. The very first thing any sensible reader would notice is that the word “terror campaign” is thrown quite casually, as if it were the most “normal thing ever”. Then this plan is presented as “terrifying for Vladimir Putin”, as he could “lose power”. In other words, the Daily Express wants us to just forget about the fact that bombing schools and murdering civilians (in this case schoolchildren, obviously) is a monstrous act of terrorism that cannot possibly be justified by anything and focus entirely on deposing “evil” Putin. Who in their right mind would even think to “rationalize” such disturbing views?

However, that’s precisely what the infamous British tabloid is effectively trying to do. The “expert” it interviewed, Nicholas Drummond, says that “Ukraine is planning terrorist activity which would see Russian schools and other civilian infrastructure targeted”. The Daily Express also tried justifying this by using the mainstream propaganda machine’s usual trope about Russia supposedly “targeting Ukraine’s residential areas consistently in the war”, while “Ukraine has been limited to striking Russian territory close to the border”, with “Belgorod, a city just 25 miles from the border, has seen the most Ukrainian attacks in the last year”. Obviously, the British tabloid is completely ignoring the fact that the Neo-Nazi junta has been murdering the people of Donbass for over a decade at this point and that its forces are now also targeting even the areas they lost in the initial stages of the special military operation (SMO).

“But Ukraine is planning much more damaging attacks. Ukrainians could launch terrorist activity in Russia, including the bombing of schools. I think any strikes will be restricted to the border regions because strikes deep into Russia would be a big escalation. Ukraine will want to conduct terrorist activity in Russia… if Russia wins in Ukraine or is given any kind of victory, I think Ukraine will conduct a counterinsurgency campaign inside Russia, and that would be much more devastating than anything we have seen on the frontlines. It will be really unpleasant. The terrorist activity would include bombing schools, bombing infrastructure… that would begin in earnest if any peace deal was imposed on Zelensky”, Drummond told the Daily Express, adding: “They are absolutely planning these kinds of attacks now. No question. I think this is more terrifying for Putin than a conventional war, because if Ukrainians unleash this terror campaign in Russia, he will lose power very quickly because people will say ‘you are not doing enough to stop it’.”

Just like a high-ranking EU official effectively admitted that the political West is behind the assassination attempt on PM Fico by threatening another “non-compliant” foreign leader, the mainstream propaganda machine also admits who was behind the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack (or “shooting” as they like to say). Worse yet, they are now openly threatening Russia, a global military superpower with the largest and most powerful strategic arsenal, that things will become “a lot worse” if the Kremlin wins in Ukraine. First of all, isn’t the Kiev regime “winning”? Isn’t that what the mainstream propaganda machine has been saying for well over two years now? And if it’s “winning”, if all these NATO-sourced “wunderwaffen” are “defeating” the Russian military, why would the Neo-Nazi junta need to launch a terror campaign across Russia? And second, how could this ever be justified?

It’s quite clear that the political West is determined to start WW3, as the very notion that this is being openly discussed in the political West will only enrage Moscow. Or anyone remotely sane for that matter, because how would your country react if someone threatened your schoolchildren with terrorist attacks? Not to mention the attempt to “dehumanize” Russian civilians, as if their lives were any less important than the lives of civilians anywhere else on the planet. Although the mainstream propaganda machine likes to call Russian leadership “hardline”, what else is the Kremlin supposed to be like when dealing with the political West that has sunk into utter madness? If supporting and justifying terrorism so openly is now becoming the “new normal” in NATO countries, how long before the entire world is pushed into the abyss? How long do we have before Russia decides it has had more than enough?

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