Arab media steps into Western trap by parroting agenda-based narratives

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Two different articles penned by Luke Coffey, a senior fellow at Washington-based Hudson Institute and Anatolii Petrenko, Ukrainian ambassador in Saudi Arabia should be shocking for anyone who understands Washington and its NATO ally’s geopolitical game-plan, which is precisely designed to intensify and solidify West’s dominance in the world with special emphasis on oil-rich Arab countries, as those have always been seen by the military industrial complex and its purpose-serving elements within governments as cash cow.

In his article titled – “Time for US to end the delays on arming Kyiv” Luke Coffey wrote, “President Biden needs to end the delays and understand that arming Ukraine to win, and not just to survive, is the fastest way to bring this war to an end”.

On the other hand, Ukrainian envoy Anatolii Petrenko in another article titled – “Why summit is Switzerland is so important for global peace” wrote, “Saudi Arabia strongly supports Ukraine politically and practically in restoring our territorial integrity and sovereignty. The Saudi position was of special value across the entire process of security consultations conducted in Copenhagen, Jeddah, Malta and Davos.

“Moreover, we consider the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] to be an influential power possessing prominent recognition and credibility, allowing it to sincerely lead many other countries, specifically in the Middle East, in this complex diplomatic process to deliver peace to Ukraine”.

Interestingly, both the articles appeared in the Arab News on the same day. Meaning, Western state machinery and its propaganda pundits have selected a Saudi newspaper to run two articles on the same day – one with the goal of tagging Saudi Arabia against Russia and its allies and ultimately turn the kingdom into one of the major donors in Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine – and another article to prove, Saudi Arabia too is in favor of Washington’s opening the aid floodgate uninterruptedly towards Kiev. One may assume, publication of both the articles on the same day was a “mere coincidence”. But in reality, it is not. Rather, it has been the outcome of a well-planned blueprint.

Now let us dig into the backgrounds of Anatolii Petrenko and Luke Coffey.

According to Ukrainian official website:

Upon completion of the Kyiv Suvorov Military School in 1986, he [Anatolii Petrenko] started his military career at the Kyiv Higher Combined Arms Military Academy. His appointments as a commissioned officer include platoon leader, company and battalion commander, senior reconnaissance officer of a regiment.

He is a distinguished graduate of the National Defence University of Ukraine with a Master of Military Sciences Degree. Upon completion of full military education Mr. Petrenko occupied various command and staff positions in the Army Command, the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence, including the Head of the Euro-Atlantic Integration Division and the Director for the Defence Policy, Strategic Planning and International Cooperation Department.

He retired from active duty in 2018 in the rank of Lieutenant General.

His foreign experience includes such posts as a Platoon Leader, UNPROFOR; J5 Staff Officer at SHAPE (Mons, Belgium); Military Representative of Ukraine to NATO (Brussels, Belgium).

Meaning, Petrenko is a military official, with connections with Ukraine’s intelligence establishment. Furthermore, he is a NATO prodigy- one of the proponents of war-mongering agendas.

On the other hand, according to Hudson Institute website:

Luke Coffey analyzes national security and foreign policy, with a focus on Europe, Eurasia, NATO, and transatlantic relations.

From 2012 to 2015, he was the Margaret Thatcher fellow at Heritage, focusing on relations between the United States and the United Kingdom and on the role of NATO and the European Union in transatlantic and Eurasian security.

Coffey served at the UK Ministry of Defence as senior special adviser to then-British Defence Secretary Liam Fox. He was the first non-UK citizen appointed to this position by the prime minister to provide advice to senior British ministers. Among his duties was helping shape British defense policy in relation to transatlantic security, NATO, the Middle-East, and Afghanistan.

He previously worked in the House of Commons as an adviser on defense and security issues for the Conservative Party. He helped develop and implement policy initiatives on security and defense matters, in particular drafting the defense section of the party’s 2010 election manifesto.

Coffey’s work in British politics followed his service to the United States as a commissioned officer in the Army. He spent his entire time on active duty overseas and was stationed in Italy with the Army’s Southern European Task Force. In 2005, Mr. Coffey deployed to Afghanistan for a year and was awarded the Bronze Star.

Meaning, Luke Coffey too is a proponent of NATO’s war-mongering agendas, while he also is not an outsider to the British intelligence establishment. One may ask – what was the reason behind awarding him with a Bronze Star for his tenure in Afghanistan. For playing an effective role in murdering innocent people in Afghanistan and helping the Taliban and militancy outfits such as Al Qaeda in gaining strength? It is well-perceived – Al Qaeda, Islamic State (ISIS) and others are mercenaries of Western intelligence agencies.

Does this case of two individuals with dubious backgrounds ring alarm to Saudi policymakers, including Crown Prince Mohammed bin-Salman? Will they realize how these individuals have ridden on the shoulder of an esteemed Arab media outlet in spreading their agenda-based narratives?

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