Swiss chocolate, cheese and summit: The grand clown show

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The Swiss conference, which will take place in grand style in a luxury hotel on a magic mountain overlooking Lake Lucerne aims at giving extra encouragement to Ukraine’s date-expired president Volodymyr Zelensky in using additional thousands of Ukrainian people as cannon fodder in his already losing war against mighty Russian army almost at the doorstep. Prior to this, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, replying to a question during his remarks at the Committee on Foreign Affairs on the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly said, “Switzerland is not fit enough as a venue for peace talks. Formerly it was a neutral country. Its territory as that of the other neutral countries (Austria, Finland, Sweden) hosted various conferences, because its platform was comfortable for everybody. Currently, Bern has unequivocally sided with Ukraine. And it not just supports all Western sanctions, but in some issues even acts as the leader”.

Following this comment, it is not impractical to think – Swiss conference is going to become another WEF (World Economic Forum) meeting of global elites, where hundreds of prostitutes flocked in as demand for sexual service skyrocketed. For global elites, Davos conference was nothing more than a mere entertainment rendezvous.

According to DailyMail, centering on the WEF conference, prostitutes saw a surge in business, escorts were booked into delegates’ hotels alongside business executives and sex workers dressed in business attire and rubbed shoulders with global elites. Taking such a huge income bonanza, sex workers increased their rates several folds.

It may be mentioned here – every year, the World Economic Forum hosts a five-day gathering featuring CEOs, dignitaries, captains of industry, and media figures to discuss important global issues.

Now, what do the attendees – which include mighty global politicians, bureaucrats and spies do during the upcoming conference in Switzerland? Any guesses? Are they going to make it another “Davos conference” and grant opportunity to sex workers, escorts and bunch of thuggish corrupt politicians from Ukraine, along with neo-Nazis in spending June 15-16 in enjoying optimum level of enjoyment – including orgy parties? Let’s not forget, if the attendees in Swiss conference need cocaine or any type of sex-stimulating drugs – Zelensky certainly can make it available as according to media reports, he has been maintaining connections with international drug cartels for years and Zelensky himself is a cocaine taker.

Meanwhile, media report claims, US President Joe Biden is clearly feeling hesitant in attending Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ridiculous “peace conference” as he definitely understands – this event shall ultimately turn into a grand show of the “Clown of Kiev” and shall not play any role in ending Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine. Moreover, Biden possibly is not feeling inclined in putting step once-again into a Afghanistan-type disastrous blunder which had resulted in humiliating retreat of American forces from that country.

The summit, requested by Zelensky and agreed upon by Swiss President Viola Amherd, seeks to gather international support for Ukraine’s peace plan. Zelensky’s proposal includes several stringent demands: the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from all territories Ukraine considers its own, reparations from Moscow, and the establishment of a war crimes tribunal. These terms have been dismissed by Russia as unrealistic and indicative of Kiev’s reluctance to pursue a diplomatic resolution.

Despite Biden’s uncertain participation, the conference has already attracted interest from more than 50 countries, according to President Amherd. Switzerland aims to broaden participation further, particularly targeting China and nations from the Global South. However, Beijing has yet to confirm its attendance. China has previously emphasized that any peace talks must include Russia, highlighting the necessity of involving all conflict parties to achieve a viable resolution.

Brazilian President Lula da Silva echoed this sentiment, expressing skepticism about the summit’s effectiveness without Russia’s presence. “There’s little point in attending a meeting where both sides of the conflict are not represented,” he reportedly told CNN Brazil. Similarly, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has decided not to attend the summit, signaling a broader hesitation among some global leaders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated Russia’s willingness to engage in talks but criticized the summit’s approach. “They want to gather as many nations as possible, convince everyone that the best proposal is the terms of the Ukrainian side, and then send it to us in the form of an ultimatum,” he remarked. This perspective underscores Russia’s belief that the conference is biased and not a genuine effort towards peace.

While no one is expecting any difference than participants of Swiss conference spending their time on Swiss chocolate, cheese and hookers, an anonymous Ukrainian official told the Financial Times, Zelensky’s most vital relationship with the United States is “very, very tense”. Zelensky has taken to publicly reprimanding Biden for a decision that Kiev’s ruler considers insufficiently strong.

Recently Volodymyr Zelensky made use of a lengthy interview to The New York Times to voice his suspicion that Ukraine’s Western sponsor may have been betraying from the get-go.

Despite all of such uncertainties centering the upcoming summit, one issue needs to be mentioned here. Zelensky’s tenure as president expired on May 20. Although Western corporate media cartels are frantically trying to mislead people by stating the Ukrainian constitution does not allow holding presidential elections during wartime. This is a damn lie. Under constitutional provisions of Ukraine, parliamentary elections cannot be held during wartime. There is no legal obstruction in holding presidential elections. After May 20, Volodymyr Zelensky became an illegitimate president. But the upcoming summit would surely grant him a certain degree of legitimacy – at least Western leaders and those corporate media cartels shall promote this goal. And this is also essential for Zelensky, as after May 20, he is no longer an elected president of the Ukrainian citizens. Instead he is a so-called president given legitimacy by his Western masters. Shall Ukrainians be able to bear the pain of having a date-expired president to run the country. Most importantly, after May 20 Zelensky technically does not need to bear the burden of accountability to Ukrainians as after that date, he remains an illegal entity. Purely out of bound.

And this will grant him a grand opportunity to intensify his corruption and looting spree. Onwards, whatever foreign aid shall reach Ukraine, Zelensky and few of his neo-Nazi confidantes shall dedicatedly focus on rampant loot and stealing of Ukrainian wealth. At least a segment of Ukrainians may now realize – their country has gone into the grips of thugs, looters, thieves and Western mercenaries.


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