‘Honey trapped’ Bangladesh ruling party MP Anwarul Azim Anar is still ‘missing’ in West Bengal!

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Law enforcement agencies in Indian state of West Bengal and Bangladesh are still searching for Anwarul Azim Anar, the Member of Parliament representing Jhenaidah-4 constituency in Bangladesh, who was brutally murdered in Kolkata – the city which already has earned the bad name of being the Capital of Crimes. Despite several arrests and detentions of suspects connected to the case, the investigation remains increasingly complex. While the Bangladeshi media has extensively reported on Anar’s murder, the West Bengal media has been bizarrely maintaining reticent or stone-cold silence. No leaders from the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) or government officials have acknowledged the murder. Instead, they suggest that Anar, who had an Interpol red notice issued against him in 2008 and faced smuggling and other charges, has either voluntarily disappeared from a luxurious apartment in Kolkata city or been kidnapped.

Khaled Mohiuddin, a popular anchor from the German TV channel Deutsche Welle, has supported these claims by attempting to divert the murder case in different directions, aligning with the TMC leaders and their compliant media.

Meanwhile, Kolkata’s Bengali daily ‘Ananda Bazar Patrika’, known for its comprehensive reporting on such issues, has also been stunningly silent about Anar’s murder.

The murder of a foreign lawmaker has put the West Bengal state government and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in a scratchy position, highlighting the Trinamool Congress government’s failure to maintain law and order and ensure public safety. Arch political rival of the Trinamool Congress, The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is poised to use this issue as a powerful electoral weapon and to spread fear among foreign tourists regarding Kolkata city.

Amidst this situation, an investigative report has revealed the existence of numerous ‘Honey Traps’ in West Bengal, where visitors are secretly recorded on video and later blackmailed. It is estimated that several thousand Bangladeshi men who travel to Kolkata for leisure or other purposes fall into these honey traps and are subsequently extorted for fixed amounts of money every month. The criminal syndicates behind these traps in West Bengal extort between five thousand to fifty thousand takas from blackmailed Bangladeshis monthly. These syndicates have agents in Bangladesh who collect the money through services like bKash or Nagad and send it to India via hundi (illegal transition), receiving a commission in return.

It has also been discovered that not only Bangladeshi citizens but also nationals from other countries are falling victim to these honey traps in West Bengal and are being extorted similarly. Sources indicate that some actresses and models from Bangladesh’s entertainment industry are involved in these honey traps in West Bengal. They employ various tactics to lure targeted men to Kolkata and ensnare them in these traps. These actresses and models receive half of the monthly extortion money as commission, earning hundreds of thousands of takas each month. Since the men trapped in these honey traps do not take legal action, these incidents remain unnoticed by law enforcement agencies. Some of the victims include high-ranking government officials who are coerced into performing various tasks instead of paying cash.

Many are questioning why the West Bengal state government is acting mysteriously regarding MP Anar’s case and attempting to cover up the matter. They suggest that Mamata Banerjee’s administration wants to portray Anwarul Azim Anar’s murder as a voluntary disappearance. However, any attempt to divert or cover up the murder could ultimately backfire on the Trinamool Congress government. Various media outlets are already claiming that due to Mamata Banerjee’s “incompetence” and failure, Kolkata has become a haven for crime and criminals, with some Trinamool Congress leaders allegedly involved in these misdeeds.

Additionally, some speculate that Anwarul Azim Anar took INR 450,000 with him before going to the apartment, which might reveal shocking details. Some Bangladeshi newspapers, citing intelligence sources, claim that Anar took the money to buy gold bars. If true, it raises the question: why did he personally go to buy such a small amount of gold? Another question is why Anwarul obtained the 450,000 rupees from his friend Gopal Biswas. Why did Biswas keep such a large amount of money at home instead of in a bank?

Investigators might want to explore Biswas’s identity and whether he is a friend, a cashier, or an active participant in Anwarul’s alleged illegal activities. It is important to note that MP Anar faces allegations of arms, drug, and gold smuggling, as well as illegal hundi business.

In connection with MP Anar’s disappearance, several suspects have already been arrested or detained in Bangladesh and India. Notable among them are Kasai Jihad and Shilasti Rahman, the girlfriend of American citizen Akhtaruzzaman Shahin. The information Shilasti has provided to the police seems to be an attempt to divert the investigation. It is possible that she spoke with Shahin before her arrest and was coached on what to say to the police.

According to Dhaka media reports citing Detective Police Chief Harunur Rashid, Shilasti claims there was no plan to kill MP Anar. Instead, the intention was to record intimate videos of him in the luxurious apartment and later blackmail him for a large sum of money. She knew their target was a VIP and a wealthy individual. However, her statement is contradicted by the presence of Kasai Jahid in the Kolkata flat on May 13. Why would a professional butcher be involved if the goal was only to record intimate moments? It is unclear if investigators have questioned Shilasti Rahman about this.

Sources have revealed alarming information about Shilasti, suggesting that she has been involved in the criminal world for many years due to family troubles. She has lured various wealthy individuals to Kolkata and extorted money by trapping them in honey traps. She also has close ties with West Bengal’s criminal underworld. A reliable source claims that Shilasti is one of the elite society girls in Dhaka connected to various crime syndicates. In addition to extorting wealthy men through honey traps, she is involved in drug and gold smuggling, delivering illegal weapons, and transferring hundi money. Proper interrogation of Shilasti could reveal extensive information about these activities and expose other women in Dhaka involved with these criminal rings who frequently visit the honey traps in Kolkata and West Bengal.

If the mystery of ruling party MP Anwarul Azim Anar’s murder is accurately unveiled, it could bring to light many more shocking and sensational details.


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