LGBTQI+, a weapon of mass-destruction promoted and patronized by neoliberals

We need to remember – the perversion of LGBTQI+ is weapon of mass-destruction aimed at destabilizing and destroying the targeted nations

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In today’s world LGBTQI+ has become a topic of huge debate, while several years ago, the National Library of Medicine in a published report said, “Male homosexuality has complex determinants: biological, psychological, social, cultural and situational factors may be relevant, either inhibiting hetereosexuality or leading towards homosexuality. Environmental factors seem paramount, particularly significant early relationships, usually within the family. Especially implicated are the personalities and interaction of the parents, recent interest being especially in the father’s role”.

The Christian Courier in an article titled – ‘The plague of perversion’ also made similar opinion.

In September 2023, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who recently survived an assassination attempt, labelled adaptation by same-sex couples as perversion.

In September 2018, Australian Senator Fraser Anning drew backlash from the mainstream media when he said, LGBT people are sexual deviants, perverts and child abusers.

He added, “When the schools that we trust to look after our children force them at a pre-sexual age to discuss sexual concepts about which they have no understanding, and even, disgustingly, engage in homosexual role-playing, this is simply institutionalized child abuse”.

Meanwhile, on the ‘International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia’, US President Joe Biden in a statement said, “My Administration stands in support and solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) people around the world as they seek to live full lives, free from violence and discrimination. This is a matter of human rights, plain and simple. The United States applauds those individuals and groups worldwide working to defend the rights of LGBTQI+ people wherever they are under threat. And we are grateful for the contributions that LGBTQI+ people make every day across our nation…”.

Amid this statement of President Biden, if we look into the moral decay in the American society, even its First Family, we shall see a very disturbing picture of it. For example, America’s First Son Hunter Biden is infamously known for his addiction to drugs and sex workers, while First Daughter Ashley Biden in her diary has detailed too many family scandals, including her recalling “showers with w/my dad (probably not appropriate)” and details of her drug use and related sex addiction. In June 2020, the diary was found under the mattress of Ashley Biden’s bed in Palm Beach, Florida, halfway house where she stayed during a rehab stint.

In her diary, “the president’s own daughter, believes his alleged showering with her could have helped create her sex addiction”.

Ashley Biden also recounts alleged sexual abuse by a family member, according to an alleged entry in her diary obtained by The

“I have always been boy crazy. Hyper-sexualized @ a young age…I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]”, Ashlay Biden wrote.

President Joe Biden himself has been accused of sexual perversion that includes his illicit relations with Jill Biden when she was married to her previous husband. Biden also is accused of fondling married women in public and approaching minor girls on multiple occasions.

Meanwhile although there has been presence of LGBTQI+ people in prominent positions in the US administration for an unknown period, from Wikipedia source, we can name some of the known gay and lesbian holding important offices in the United States. They are, Roberta Achtenberg, a Democrat and first publicly lesbian public official (1993-2016); John Berry, Democrat, gay in federal agencies (2000-2016); Randy W. Berry, US ambassador (2015-present); Pete Buttigieg, Democrat, first openly gay Cabinet Secretary (2021-present); Eric Fanning, Democrat, first openly LGBT Secretary of Army (2013-2017); Richard Grenell, Republican, first openly gay member of the US Cabinet (2018-2020); and James Hormell, Democrat, first openly LGBT ambassador of the United States (1999-2001).

There also have been a large number of LGBT members in the US Senate and Congress, such as Senator James H. Hammond, Democrat; Harris Wofford, Democrat (announced his marriage to a man in 2016); Tammy Baldwin, Democrat (first openly lesbian senator); Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat (openly bisexual senator); Laphonza Butler, Democrat (openly lesbian senator); Ed Koch, Democrat (gay congressman); Stewart McKinney, Republican (bisexual congressman who dies of Aids); Barbara Jordan, Democrat (LGBT congresswoman); Gerry Studds, Democrat (openly gay congressman); Robert Bauman, Republican (gay congressman); Jon Hinson, Republican (gay congressman who was ousted following arrest on a charge or oral sodomy); Barney Frank, Democrat (gay congressman who had same-sex marriage); Steve Gunderson, Republican (gay congressman); Jim Kolbe, Republican (openly gay congressman); Michael Huffington, Republican (bisexual congressman); Mark Foley, Republican (gay congressman); Mike Michaud, Democrat (gay congressman); Jared Polis, Democrat (gay congressman); Aaron Schock, Republican (gay congressman); David Cicilline, Democrat (openly gay congressman); Sean Patrick Maloney, Democrat (openly gay congressman); Mark Pocan, Democrat (openly gay/LGBT congressman); Mark Takano, Democrat (openly gay congressman); Angie Craig, Democrat (openly lesbian congresswoman); Sharice Davids, Democrat (openly lesbian congresswoman); Katie Hill, Democrat (openly bisexual congresswoman); Chris Pappas, Democrat (openly gay congressman); Mondaire Jones, Democrat (openly gay congressman); Ritchie Torres, Democrat (openly gay congressman); Becca Balint, Democrat (openly lesbian congresswoman); Robert Garcia, and Democrat (openly gay congressman). In addition to this, there are hundreds of gay, lesbian and LGBTQ members as elected officials as well as officials in White House, the US State Department, Secret Service, Pentagon, CIA, FBI and other federal agencies as well as the Department of Justice.

Similarly, there are hundreds of gay, lesbian and LGBTQI+ individuals holding various positions in all the European Union nations, while the number of such individuals in the United Kingdom is very high. Furthermore, countries having extreme intimacy with the West, such as South Korea and Taiwan are also witnessing alarming rise in the number of LGBTQI+ people in their societies. One of the key reasons is adopting Western culture and abandoning their social, customs and spiritual values.

Meanwhile, according to an unofficial biography of former British Prime Minister David Cameron, written by Lord Ashcroft contains series of allegations that include that Cameron spent time in a drug-taking environment at Oxford University that he took part in a bizarre dinner club invitation ritual. One specific allegation is that, in the words of the Daily Mail, David Cameron took part in an invitation ceremony in which he “put a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth. It cited a source – a British lawmaker, who claimed to have seen photographic evidence. The incident reportedly took place at a notorious Oxford University drinking club – the Piers Gaveston Society.

Understanding the danger posed by adopting or embracing Western culture and letting the practices of LGBTQI+ freely grow in their societies, many countries are adopting stricter laws banning such perversions. For example, while back in 1993, Russia decriminalized homosexuality, in December 2022, Russia’s State Duma extended the scope of country’s gay propaganda law forbidding the public portrayal of non-traditional sexual relations. Previously focused on minors, the law was already applicable to any age group.

On March 21, 2024 the district court of Orenburg city in south-western Russia ordered the arrest of nightclub owner Vyacheslav Khasanov. The nightclub, which is called Pose, styling itself as a “parody theatre bar”, hosted parties with drag queen artists and go-go dancers as entertainment. In plain words, it was a gay club. In a press release announcing the arrest, the court said that as the owner of the club, Khasanov organized participation in an extremist organization, “acting as the leader of an organized group of persons by prior conspiracy”. The specific actions included organizing the work of such premises, and publishing photos and videos from performances “promoting non-traditional sexual relationships and preferences”.

At the end of November 2023, the Russian Supreme Court ruled that the “international LGBT movement” is an “extremist organization”. That decision effectively criminalized homosexuality.

In 2022, the law was expanded from being something to protect children to a wider restriction on gay propaganda. In July 2023, Russia subsequently passed legislation imposing a complete ban on sex change procedures as well as changing one’s gender identity on official documents, although Western liberalists and their propaganda machines, including some so-called rights groups criticized such initiatives as “transphobic”.

At around the same time, six different online streaming platforms were penalized for airing movies with LGBTQ+ related scenes. It may be mentioned here that, in 2013, Russia enacted the ‘gay propaganda law’, aimed at protecting minors from information promoting non-traditional sexual relationships. The law effectively worked in censorship, stifling any expression related to homosexuality.

In his remarks at the 9th St Petersburg International Cultural Forum – the Forum of United Cultures on November 17, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “The experience of the millennium-old history of our country convincingly shows that cultural diversity is the greatest blessing while the interaction of cultures is one of the conditions for stable and peaceful development. After all, some of the main reasons for today’s international tensions are rooted in the claims of some forces to exclusivity, including cultural exclusivity, their disregard for the customs and spiritual values of others, a striving to subject everyone and everything to unification under their own pattern that they consider the best and most universal. This distasteful globalization and, let me add, cultural expansionism, have led to cultural suppression and deprivation and have multiplied the potential for conflict”.

It may be mentioned here that, following the Cold War, the world has witnessed with utter fear – the rise of a unipolar world directly dictated by the United States, while its European allies have played the role of cheer-leaders projecting America as the lord of the universe and sole upholder of “virtues”. It took some decades for the majority of the countries in the world to finally realize the ultimate essence of democracy touted worldwide by the US and its allies. We have witnessed how neoliberalists – under the garb of “saving Middle East” – from Saddam Hussain “possessing weapons of mass-destruction” – have turned Iraq into rubble.

Similar notoriety was earlier witnessed in Libya, as well as several African and Asian nations and now – we are seeing how America and its NATO allies are pushing Ukraine towards mere destruction under the pretense of “saving Ukrainians from Russian aggression”.

Western neoliberalists have been making frantic bids in exporting culture of perversions – such as LGBTQI+ in a number of countries in African, European and Asian continents, including India and Bangladesh under the garb of “human rights”, “rule of law” and “democratic practice”. In Bangladesh, for example, they succeeded in having country’s largest opposition – Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) on-board by convincing its acting chairman Tarique Rahman, who in 2023 declared his party would implement “rainbow policy” once it returns to power – meaning world’s third-largest Muslim nation would be at the forefront of promoting sexual perversion such as LGBTQI+. In personal life, Tarique Rahman is a bisexual.

Understanding the risk posed by infiltration of LGBTQI+ culture in their societies, many countries have launched a painstaking review of ideas that were espoused at first glance. This is a crucial task for every country in the Global South. We need to remember – the perversion of LGBTQI+ is weapon of mass-destruction aimed at destabilizing and destroying the targeted nations. Neoliberals are giving priority in destroying social fabrics of our nations through numerous forms of perversions so that they can easily invade our lands and turn all of us into their mere slaves. And through this invasion, they plan to enhancing the market for western corporations, as the entire neoliberal agenda is, in one way or another, a product of big money – designed to serve the interests of transnational corporations through political, economic, and social shackles.


  1. What nonsense! This writer is an evil person who attempts to demonize members of LGBTQI+. No newspaper in the world should ever publish articles written by this man. Purely he is a propagandist.

  2. Sodomy and homosexual activities are grave sins.
    To commit sin is humane. God is Merciful. To be proud of sin / to promote sin / to legalize sin is rebellion against God. At the end no one wins against God.

    • Nonsense! “Rebellion against God”? Which “God” you mean? The one that lures Muslim men towards 72 virgins in paradise in exchange for killing innocent people? LGBTQI+ is a choice of people. You can’t oppose it. Is your soul filled with hatred for the international community? Every member of LGBTQI+ community must boycott this outlet as it is propaganda machine of fascists.

    • Imao! You guys are real disgrace. If you hate LGBTQI+ people, just keep it inside your rotten soul. Don’t run propaganda against us.

  3. Why this author – Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury has picked up a topic that goes in favor of radical Muslims, jihadists and terrorists? We got to investigate the reason behind such propaganda. Is it funded by Iran and Qatar. Shameful!

  4. This is a disgraceful content written by a Muslim. LGBTQI+ is not perversion. You should refrain from spreading such insane propaganda.

  5. On December 4, 2011, I sent a mail to Honorable Chief Rabbi David Rosen, Jerusalem, inquiring “Is there really any link between Israel’s ruling elite’s Zionism and Gayism?” In his reply Chief Rabbi David Rosen wrote:

    As you know homosexual activity is categorically forbidden in the Torah/Judaism.

    However the State of Israel is a secular democracy which allows people to indulge in virtually anything that is consensual, meaning that both the very virtuous as well as disgraceful activities are to be found here.

    If there are some people who think that they can advance the image of Israeli democracy by highlighting homosexual freedom and even using this as a political argument, I think that they are very misguided. I have no doubt that they would not have the approval of the vast majority of Israelis in this.


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