Westerners walkout from the sheath captivity of democracy


After centuries of promoting democracy and echoing Abraham Lincoln’s theory — “for the people, by the people, and of the people” – heavyweights in the Western political arena finally realize that what they have vigorously promoted is a failed theory. They also realize that China’s unwillingness to embrace the mantle of democracy was correct. Consequently, they have now begun the transition from democracy to people’s autocracy — a rule that may appear harsh or less refined but ultimately serves the interests of the people and the nation. They have also come to understand that democracy’s true meaning often manifests as demonstrations, mob attacks, and various forms of anarchist acts.

Over the past decade, the West has been advocating for authoritarian regimes in South Asia. They disregard the will of the people and, instead of maintaining equilibrium, they engage in a ‘choose and pick’ process. The West is subtly dismantling democratic procedures. In the Indian subcontinent, Imran Khan is facing cruel intimidation from country’s mighty military establishment and intelligence agency. Khan turned into number-one target of the Biden administration when he criticized Washington of illegally unseating his government. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi, leader of Indian National Congress and a lapdog of Western interest has been promoted by the American and European media. Western nations are consistently conspiring against India, country’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi because they failed to use Modi against the interest of India. In Bangladesh, Western nations, particularly the United States have been hatching conspiracy against ruling Awami League withe the dangerous agenda of placing Al Qaeda-connected BNP into power by unseating Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and turn the country into a neo-Taliban state as well as America’s vessel state.

A closer examination of the democratic process in the West reveals that they have disregarded democratic values and are attempting to transform them into a people’s autocratic system of governance. In the US, Donald Trump became the first president to disregard the people’s mandate and displayed unfortunate anti-democratic behavior. His successor, incumbent President Joe Biden, has infringed upon freedom of expression and the right to non-violent protest. Recently, students, professors, and academic activists across the US came together to express solidarity with the Palestinians and demand an end to Israeli atrocities against Gaza residents. However, the Biden administration, with the assistance of university authorities, suppressed the peaceful protests and arrested thousands of students and professors.

Western taxpayers are ensnared in a conspiracy theory: for the nation’s security, Western political leaders are allocating billions of dollars to the defense industry. While Western citizens do not desire war, their leaders impose it upon the nation. The West imposes war on Russia and utilizes Ukraine as a pawn to further their geopolitical interests against Russia. The Russia-Ukraine war is nothing but a manifestation of Western hegemony. The West uses Zelenskyy as their mercenary to undermine Russia’s economic and military power, disregarding the unwavering suffering of the Ukrainian people. Conversely, Western leaders turn a blind eye to Israeli atrocities against Palestinians, supporting Israeli genocide in Gaza despite strong global condemnation.

In the current geopolitical landscape, it is evident that Western leaders do not respect the will of the majority of Western citizens. They are transitioning from democratic values to an authoritarian system. The ongoing wars serve not for the peace of any nation but for the benefit of the Western defense industrial complex, prioritizing the interests of a few over the rest of the nation, which contradicts democratic principles. Examining the USA reveals a political system that lacks opportunities for the younger generation, with invisible barriers preventing fresh faces in politics. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are dominated by figures like Donald Trump and Joe Biden, leaving little room for alternatives.

The United States and its allies support failed state like Pakistan while criticizing democratic governments in countries like Bangladesh and India, showcasing a double standard in their politics. The 2024 Parliamentary Election in Bangladesh exposed the controversial stance of the US and its allies, indirectly threatening Bangladesh with punitive actions to coerce compliance. However, the people of Bangladesh refused to surrender their sovereignty to any illegal demands, exposing the West’s dirty politics to the world. Bangladesh now stands proud, having confronted and rejected Western interference with dignity and honor.

Every nation has the right to choose its governing system. Any prescribed ruling system may not work for the nation in question. The democratic system has become a complete mess in the Arab world where leading proponents of democracy are abandoning it for themselves. Ultimately, whatever the ruling system, it must prioritize justice and improvement for the nation. In the future, a pro-people governing system will likely lead the world, as evidenced by emerging trends such as the Global South, BRICS, and a multipolar world system.


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