Malmas fair started with pilgrimage and flag hoisting in Rajgir, there will be special facilities for devotees


The triennial State Malmas Fair (Purushottam Mass Fair) has started in Bihar’s tourist city Rajgir as soon as Adhik Maas begins on Tuesday. With the completion of the religious flag hoisting program with Sanatan culture and tradition, Malmas Mela Snan started. Before the flag hoisting, pilgrimage was performed in Saptadhara Kund with complete rituals. After pilgrimage and flag hoisting, the chief guest of the ceremony, Peethadhishwar Saint Shiromani Karpatri Agnihotri Paramhans Swami Chidatman Ji Maharaj of Simaria Kalidham said that India is a spiritual country. The research here is Apaurusheya Veda, which is the first book of the world library. He said that there are six parts of the Vedas, in which there is also an astrological part. On the basis of astrological organs, the good deeds done in Dwadash month lead to supernatural happiness and heavenly speed.

Malmas fair is held in Rajgir every three years.

Swami Chidatman Maharaj said that according to Ved Vedang, every three years there is an additional month and also six months. India’s unique place for Purushottam month fair is Rajgir, which is protected by five mountains by nature. Since time immemorial, it has been the penance place of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Rishis along with Saptarishi, Ashtavasu, Samrat and special kings. The Brahmakund, Saptadhara and Vaitarani river here have been the subject of research. Rajgir has been the holy place of auspicious arrival of Lord Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Arjuna and Bhim Sen. Here every three years a spiritual fair of Sanatan Dharma followers is held under proper arrangements. The pilgrims coming here are benefited by the proper arrangement of the government.

Peethadhishwar Swami Chidatman Ji Maharaj looked happy with the arrangements in the fair

Peethadhishwar Swami Chidatman Ji Maharaj said that proper arrangements have been made here for the state Malmas fair by the good-governing Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The proper arrangement of the government has added beauty to the fair. He said that during the auspicious inauguration of the last Purushottam month fair, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had announced that the all-round development of Simariya Dham, the original Kumbh place, would be done. On the lines of Pauri of Haridwar, Pauri will also be constructed in Simariya Dham. Its foundation stone and the inauguration of the Kumbh Mela have also been done by the chief minister.

Rajgir is a symbol of knowledge and devotion since time immemorial: Swami Chidatman ji

Maharaj said that fortunately in 2023, the Purushottam month fair and the Ardh Kumbh Mela of Simariya Dham are also being held. The mind is happy to see the charming arrangement of Malmas Mela. It is believed that the arrangement of Simaria Ardh Kumbh Mela will also remain the same as in Rajgir. Swami Chidatman Ji Maharaj said that Rajgir is a place of divine penance, Vedic culture, Brahmin rituals, knowledge era of Upanishads and devotional era from the beginning. Brahma in the form of Karma, Maheshwar in the form of fruit, Vishnu in the form of Yagya are sitting here. He said the universe is visual. The living being is the seer. The discovery of these two is the Vedas. Knowing the subtle difference between Shakti and Shaktimaan is the only way to get rid of the bondage of existence. In the scriptures, the nature has been described by dividing these seven differences into eternal, momentary, zero, eternal, impermanent and ego. Only a person without ego can see it.

cheap bread shop in the fair

DM told that 15 cheap bread shops have been opened in Malmas Mela area. Quality food will be available from the stall of cheap roti for 30-40 rupees. In order to maintain the quality of food items in the entire fair area from footpath to hotels, regular checks will be done by the food inspectors.

Four makeshift hospitals and 10 medical camps

Four temporary hospitals have been opened in the Malmas Mela area for the health facilities of the pilgrims. Apart from this, 10 medical camps have been set up. For the fair duty, 40 doctors and 135 health workers have been deputed. Wheel chairs and volunteers have been arranged in the Brahmakund area for the convenience of the disabled and old people. Keeping in mind the safety and privacy of women, 100 changing rooms have been constructed in the fair area.

48 Police Station, 16 Watch Tower in Mela

For the safety of the pilgrims, 48 ​​temporary police stations have been set up in the Mela area, apart from the youth hostel in the Malmas fair area and the temporary police station in the Brahmakund area. Police inspectors have been made in-charge of all the police stations. The fair will be monitored by the police from 16 watch towers. SDRF team will be deployed at Saraswati river and Vaitarni river ghat. 10 parking lots have been made for parking of vehicles. There are help desks, toilets and drinking water arrangements at those parking places as well. Spiritual camps have been set up at three places. In those camps, there is arrangement for the accommodation of saints-saints-mahants. There is also arrangement for discourses, bhajan kirtan etc. in the camps.

A dip of faith will take place in Rajgir Malmas fair from tomorrow, know why the fair is held and what is its belief

Website made for booking of Tent City

A website has been created for the information about the State Malmas Mela and booking of the tent city. Information about Malmas Mela and Rajgir is available on the website. Through this, devotees will be able to make free booking of tent city and other accommodation places. You can also register a complaint regarding inconvenience.


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