Surat: Having fun with a car on the beach was expensive!


A large number of tourists visit the beach near Surat on Sundays. Dumas, Suvali and Dabhari beaches near Surat are very crowded on weekends. Although there are frequent cases of cars getting stuck on the beach, youths are trying to get closer to the sea by taking their vehicles. Due to which the car gets stuck and a lot of effort has to be made to get it out.

The Dabhari beach near Surat is visited by a large number of people from the surrounding on Sundays to visit and roam around. Most people go to the beach by car. Youngsters take too many risks for having fun and taking photo-videos, as a result of which their cars often get stuck in the sand. Similarly today also the youth who went to Dabhari beach took the car inside and finally the car got stuck.

Tried to remove the car with the help of local youths

The youth made a lot of efforts to take out the car stuck in the mud on the beach. Even after this, if the car did not come out, then the youths of the surrounding were collected. About 15 to 20 youths gathered, but could not take out the car. Taking the car to the beach for fun couldn’t make out the car even after sweating it out.


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