Explainer: Tomatoes are available at cheap rates in these places in Bihar, know how the price came down after the government’s decision


Bihar News: Discount sale of tomatoes has been started in many areas of Bihar. The price of tomato has crossed 100. People in India are worried because of the rising cost of vegetables. After this, tomatoes are being sold by the Government of India for Rs.90 per kg. Many people are reaching here to buy tomatoes. Tomatoes are available at Rs 90 per kg at 40 places in Patna city. The sale of tomatoes at Rs.90 per kg was started on Saturday near Biscoman Bhawan located at Gandhi Maidan. Ten trucks of tomatoes have been ordered in the first batch. Tomatoes are being sold by Biscomaun at identified places in Patna until the price of tomatoes is less than Rs.90.

Tomato sale at 40 places in Patna

In the second phase, tomatoes will be sold by Biscomaan at Rs 90 per kg in Gaya, Nalanda, Vaishali and Saran. Biscomaun’s Chairman Legislative Councilor Dr. Sunil Singh started it. Biscomaun Chairman Dr. Sunil Singh said that Biscomaun is selling tomatoes at Rs 90 per kg in collaboration with Nafed on behalf of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India. Now it will be sold at 40 places in Patna. In the first phase, ten trucks of tomatoes have been ordered. From Monday, tomatoes will be available at Rs 90 per kg at all major places in Patna.

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This is how tomato prices will be reduced

In the second phase, stalls will be set up in Gaya, Vaishali, Saran and Nalanda to sell tomatoes at Rs.90 per kg. This will reduce the prices of tomatoes. Sunil Singh told that until the price of tomato is less than Rs.90, tomatoes will be sold on behalf of Biscomaan. He said that hoarders will also bring tomatoes to the market on the information of Biscomaun selling tomatoes. This will also reduce the price of tomatoes.

Heavy fall in the prices of tomatoes in the markets – Minister

Meanwhile, news has come out from Buxar. Union Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Environment, Forest and Climate Change Ashwini Kumar Choubey spoke to reporters in Buxar. During this, he said that the prices of tomatoes will fall further in the coming times. The Government of India is committed to provide relief to the consumers. Many important steps have been taken in this episode. Its effect is also visible. There has been a huge fall in the prices of tomatoes in the markets. On the question asked by the journalists on the prices of tomatoes, he said that other tomato items are regularly reviewed at the ministry level every day.

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Government keeping a close eye on tomato prices

The government is also keeping a close watch on the prices of tomatoes. In many places in the country where prices were abnormally high, the government’s intervention to sell tomatoes at a subsidized rate of Rs 90 per kg has brought down wholesale prices of tomatoes. At present, tomato is being sold at Rs.80 per kg. He told that after re-assessing the situation at more than 500 points across the country, it has been decided to sell it at Rs.80 (80) per kg from Sunday, July 16, 2023. Noida, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Patna, Muzaffarpur and Ara are being sold through NAFED and NCCF. It will be expanded to more cities from Monday on the basis of prevailing market prices at such places. On July 12, the price of tomato at the national level was Rs 111.71 per kg.

A reduction in the retail price of tomatoes has been announced by the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited ie Nafed. Earlier tomatoes were being sold by NAFED at Rs.90 per kg. But, a reduction of Rs 10 has been announced in this. NAFED and NCCF are selling tomatoes through mobile vans on behalf of the Centre. Tomatoes are being sold at low rates in different parts of Noida as well as Bihar’s capital Patna and Muzaffarpur.

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Price hike due to rain

After selling tomatoes by the government, the price of tomatoes is expected to fall in the shops as well. According to the information, if the price of tomato remains the same, then tomatoes will be sold in different parts of the state at a lower price. The government is also procuring Patma tomatoes from Bengaluru. The consumer ministry of the government has come forward to give relief to the people. NCCF and NAFED are buying and selling tomatoes on behalf of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs at low prices. Such tomatoes will be sold till the price of tomatoes comes down. For the past few weeks, there has been a sharp increase in the retail price of tomatoes. After this this decision has been taken. Due to heavy rains, the price of tomato has crossed 200 in many parts of the country. People are queuing up to buy discounted tomatoes.

Sale of ‘A’ Grade Export Quality Tomatoes

Good response is being seen from the people. ‘A’ Grade Export Quality Tomatoes are being sold. Means the quality of these tomatoes is better. Talks are also being held with Mother Dairy for the sale of tomatoes. Explain that NAFED was created to organize, promote and develop the storage of agricultural, horticultural and forest produce. Through this, distribution of agricultural machinery, distribution and other inputs takes place. Agricultural commodities are promoted along with making them convenient through this. NAFED uses existing retail chain network and other methods of affiliated organizations for sale of products.

Tomato prices have increased in Bihar. The price of tomato has increased as soon as the rains come. Due to this the budget of the kitchen of the people deteriorated. At present, tomato remains in the news due to its rising prices. There are many people who are buying less tomatoes than required. Customers are buying it in half kilo and pav instead of kilo. Buyers are buying tomatoes by counting and selecting them. Tomatoes have stopped appearing in most of the houses due to inflation. Only after this the decision has been taken by the government to sell tomatoes.

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Close watch on Indo Nepal border

In the Khushkibag vegetable market of Purnia district of Bihar, the price of good tomatoes was found to be 100 to 150 rupees per kg. Let us tell you that the prices of vegetables are less in the vegetable market of Khushkibagh than in many areas including Bhatta Bazar of the district. Here tomatoes are being sold beyond hundred. The jawans posted on the border of Araria district say that a strict vigil is being kept on the Indo-Nepal border. There is a possibility of smuggling due to rising prices of vegetables. That’s why the strictness has been increased. Strictness has increased on the men’s land.

Sale of Chinese goods in the markets of Nepal

It is said that due to the rising price of tomatoes in the Indian markets, tomatoes can be smuggled from China through Nepal. The reason for this is that tomatoes come to Nepal from China. Through Nepal, China can make inroads in India’s markets. Local people living near the Jogbani border say that tomatoes are being sold in the markets of Nepal as before. Many Chinese food items are sold in many hotels in Nepal.

Fear of smuggling from China to India

China keeps a close watch on the border areas of India. If there is a shortage of any item in this area, then China tries to supply that item. In the case of tomatoes also, China can adopt this method. Tomatoes are coming to India through Nepal. This is the reason why the fear of smuggling from China has started haunting India. Tomato price is high in India. But, China’s tomato is cheap. The price of tomato in Purnia’s Khushkibagh mandi is around Rs.100 per kg. On the other hand, the price of China’s tomato is said to be Rs 100 for five kg.

Official alert regarding smuggling in Bihar

Here, the news of SSB catching a consignment of tomatoes from Nepal came to the fore on the border with Uttar Pradesh. It is being told that in Maharajganj district of UP, Sashastra Seema Bal has caught tomatoes worth about four lakhs. Therefore, Bihar is also on alert mode in this matter. Due to the rising prices of tomatoes, there has been an uproar across the state. This has also become a matter of great concern for the officers posted on the border.

Let us tell you that tomato and cauliflower are exported throughout the year from many areas of Bihar and peas in season to the neighboring states of West Bengal, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Chattisgarh on a large scale. Tomato is cultivated throughout the year in the state. It is cultivated in about 20 thousand hectares of land in the state. It is cultivated in all the districts of the state.

Published By: Sakshi Shiva

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