Sawan 2023: Kanwariyas in Babanagari are erasing their fatigue by dancing to songs and dances, cultural programs at 4 places


Sawan 2023: The District Information and Public Relations Department has arranged cultural programs at four places in the entire fair area for the entertainment of the Kanwariyas coming to Babadham in the State Shravani Fair, 2023. This program is being organized by different teams at different stages. This includes Dumma, Kothia Bus Stand, Adhyatmik Bhawan and B.Ed College.

Kanwariyas are removing their tiredness by dancing on song and dance

Kanwariyas are removing their tiredness by dancing on songs and dances in cultural programmes. Devotional music as well as other beautiful and entertaining programs are being presented to the devotees through cultural programmes, so that the devotees get a feeling of joy, happiness, gaiety and happiness.

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Programs are helping in crowd control

The entertainment of the devotees is being taken care of through cultural programmes. Along with this, it is also helping a lot in crowd control. Devotees are engaged in worshiping the grand and attractive idols of Lord Shiva installed on this occasion with faith, reverence, faith and devotion. Along with this, through various programs organized in Baba Nagri, people are also being informed about the public utility and public welfare schemes of the state government. Along with this, awareness is being created about personal hygiene. District Information and Public Relations Officer Ravi Kumar, APRO Rohit Vidyarti etc. are monitoring the entire arrangement of entertainment.


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