Former BJP district president of Birbhum won, Manoj Ghosh arrested in explosives case also won


Birbhum, Mukesh Tiwari: Former Birbhum District Party President Dudh Kumar has won the Mandal Panchayat elections from Mayureshwar Gram Panchayat area of ​​West Bengal’s Birbhum district by a huge margin. This time again, Dudhkumar Mandal of BJP has set an example by winning the three-tier Gram Panchayat elections. He won as a Gram Panchayat candidate from Brahmanpada in Mayureshwar. Dudhkumar Mandal is a famous name in the politics of the district. At one time he was also the district president of BJP. During that time Dudhkumar Mandal had completely troubled the ruling camp by occupying political land in Padui, Makhra, Chaumandpur etc. areas. BJP leader Rupa Gangopadhyay, Locket Chattopadhyay’s rise to prominence in BJP politics and becoming an all India leader from Birbhum center is due to this Dudhkumar Mandal.

Clash between Trinamool CPM workers outside Kankasa counting center, bombardment, area turned into battlefield

Trinamool candidate Manoj Ghosh won the election

Manoj Ghosh, arrested by the NIA in an explosive case in Bahadurpur under Nalhati police station of Birbhum district, has won the Gram Panchayat elections from the said area. Manoj Ghosh has won from his rival BJP and CPM by more than one hundred votes. It is said that in the case of explosives, the NIA had recovered a large number of explosives by conducting a raid operation on the basis of secret information on the house and office of Manoj Ghosh on June 28. It is said that about 130 gelatin sticks, 50 kg of ammonium nitrate, etc. explosives were seized from the house and office of Manoj Ghosh. Rintu Shaikh, Meerajuddin Ali and Mir Mohammad Nuruzzam were also arrested in this incident. At present, the police is engaged in the investigation of the case.

Big action by NIA, Trinamool Congress candidate Manoj Ghosh arrested in explosive case


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