There will be more than 39000 restoration in government schools of Bihar, school education committee will appoint, know details


In Bihar, orders have been issued for the appointment of more than 39 thousand cooks in government schools from class one to eighth. The Directorate of Mid Day Meal has given necessary guidelines and orders to all the School Education Committees for making appointments on 31st July. The appointment of cooks is done on the basis of the number of children in the schools. His due category has been made. Applicants can be both male and female. According to the information, the honorarium of the cooks is Rs 1650.

Applications will be sought from eligible applicants in education committee nutrition sector only.

According to official information, applications will be sought from eligible applicants only in the School Education Committee Nutrition Sector. After selecting the applicants, they will be sent to the District Program Officers for approval. Final approval will be given there. Here, the information about vacant posts of mid-day meals has been sent to the Directorate of Mid-day Meals from the districts. Appointments are being made on the basis of this formal information. The Mid Day Meal Directorate had ordered to start the recruitment process from July 8. However, formally the School Education Committee will start the selection process from Monday, July 10.

Priority will be given to women

According to official information, priority will be given to women in the appointment of cooks. In this, the first preference will be given to the widowed woman. Although the applicants will also be men. For the appointment of cooks, the School Education Committee will paste the notice for the number of cooks and the applications of its applicants. The applications will be from their respective areas only. It is also given priority in the selection process for other reserved categories including Scheduled Castes.

Retired teachers in Bihar will now become resource persons, applications invited for 1611 posts, know how much salary will be received

Steps taken for better food management

Orders have been issued for the appointment of school education committees. He has been asked to complete the recruitment process by July 31. More steps are being taken for better food management in all the schools. One step in this is also the appointment of cooks. After these appointments, the education department will take more appropriate steps regarding the quality of food. ,Mithilesh Mishra Director Mid Day Meal, Bihar

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