Surat: Video of dangerous ride of school rickshaw goes viral


As soon as the school starts, children are seen going to school in rickshaws and vans. Eight to nine students are seated in a rickshaw whereas as per the rules only three to four children can sit inside the rickshaw. Even if it is against the rules, no legal action is taken against it. A video of one such dangerous school rickshaw ride has gone viral in Surat. In which the students are made to sit like sheep and goats and the rickshaw is seen waving. There is a discussion among the people that the rickshaw puller has put the lives of innocent people at risk in the temptation of earning money.

Viral video of Surat’s Chowk Bazar area

This video of the dangerous ride of a school rickshaw has come to the fore in the Chowk Bazar area of ​​Surat. In which the rickshaw puller is seen carrying school children like sheep and goats. When such rickshaws overturn, the lives of the students are at risk. But how rickshaw pullers make students sit in rickshaws in the greed of earning money, it is clearly visible in this video.

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There have been numerous incidents of potholes on the roads of Surat. In such circumstances, a viral video has emerged showing the risky journey undertaken by school children in Surat’s school rickshaws.

— Our Surat (@oursuratcity) <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">July 10, 2023</a>        <p><strong>Disobeying the rules, the children were made to sit in the rickshaw</strong></p>  <p>Prima facie it is clear that children have been made to sit in the rickshaw against the rules.  It is not just a question of one rickshaw, but there are many such school vans and rickshaws plying in the city which carry more than the prescribed number of students.  Surat city roads are in bad condition due to heavy rains.  There are huge potholes on the roads due to which the moving rickshaw sways like a boat, putting the lives of children at greater risk. </p>  <p><strong>Whose responsibility is it if a student falls in the rickshaw?</strong></p>  <p>It is difficult to say when a student will fall from this rickshaw running on rough roads.  In the video, the students are seen hanging on a rickshaw as punishment.  If a student falls from a moving rickshaw, there is every possibility of serious injury.  According to RTO rules, it is necessary for children to be seated in school vehicles and the traffic department should strictly monitor this and take action.</p><script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>    


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