26 years of effort successful, chemical weapons eliminated from the world


The Hague, 8 July (HS). The 26-year effort to rid the world of chemical weapons has come to fruition. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said that all chemical weapons in the world have been destroyed.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) works to monitor the release of chemical weapons from all over the world. For this, a special campaign was started from the year 1997. After 26 years of efforts, US President Joe Biden has announced that the Blue Grass Army Depot, a US military base in Kentucky, has exhausted its decades-old stockpile, ending a 1997 campaign to rid the world of chemical weapons. Gaya global effort is complete. Subsequently, OPCW chief Fernando Arias said that all declared stockpiles were irreversibly destroyed after the US announced it had gotten rid of the last of its toxic weapons.

Fernando Arias said that the destruction of all declared chemical weapons stockpiles is an important milestone in this direction. The US was the last possessing country of chemical weapons. Now the announcement by the US means that all declared stockpiles of chemical weapons have been irreversibly destroyed. However the OPCW warned that the recent use of chemical weapons means the world still needs to be vigilant. More recently, Syria was accused of chemical attacks during its civil war. Arias warned that the recent use of toxic chemicals as weapons and threats show that preventing its re-emergence will remain a priority for the organization.


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