PHOTOS: Kanwariyas looked giddy after offering water to Bhole Baba, laser show in Sivagangai from Thursday, read full news here


Kanwariyas see happiness as soon as they come to Baba Mandir

Shravani Mela 2023: The month of Sawan, which is considered the holy month of Baba Bholenath, has started. The Kanwariyas have started reaching Baba Nagri with the slogan of ‘Bol-Bam’ carrying Kanwar on their shoulders. The tiredness of the long walk can be seen on the faces of the Kanwariyas, but as soon as the Kanwariyas are entering the Dumma, the tiredness of their bodies is being reduced to half on Baba’s land. At the same time, Kanwariyas are getting relief after taking bath in Sivagangai.

door open at four in the morning

On Wednesday, the second day of Shravan month Krishna Paksha fair, priest Neeraj Jha performed special worship of Baba Baidyanath in traditional way. Baba’s door was opened under the supervision of SP Subhash Chandra Jat at 3:05 am on Wednesday, Krishna Paksha Dwitiya Tithi of Shravan month. First of all entered the sanctum sanctorum along with the priest and the temple guard to perform daily worship of Baba. On Tuesday before the Sardari Puja, the adornment material was removed, after that Baba’s Shivling was cleaned with white muslin cloth. After this, Kancha water was offered with chanting, after which the pilgrimage priests chanted Har Har Mahadev and Om Namah Shivay by offering Kancha water on Baba. After this, Sardari Puja was started from 3:20. The priest worshiped Baba with Phulel, perfume, Gangajal flower, vilvapatra, naivedya, sandalwood, milk, honey, curd, ghee, laddoos, clothes, janeu etc. on Baba with Shodshopachar method. After the puja, the doors were opened for the devotees at 4 am.

77,544 devotees offered water on Wednesday

On the second day of the month of Shravan, devotees were engaged in queues since morning. The queue of Kanwariyas had reached till Nehru Park. As soon as the doors of the temple opened, there was enthusiasm among the devotees. Devotees were made to enter the sanctum sanctorum from Mansarovar Q Complex via foot overbridge from Jalsar Children Park via Shivram Jha Chowk. During this, all the devotees offered water to Baba through Argha and chanted Har Har Mahadev and Jai Shiv. On the occasion, SP Subhash Chandra Jat, Jamshedpur City SP Vijay Shankar, Temple Magistrate Pankaj Kumar Singh and Vivek Kashyap Baba Temple Station Station Officer Ajay Kumar, Subhash Rajak etc. were present. According to the figures released by the district administration, 77544 devotees offered water on Wednesday.

DC held a meeting with officials, gave several guidelines

DC Manjunath Bhajantri held a meeting with the officials in the secret branch in view of the possibility of unexpected crowd on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at Shravani fair. He instructed the officers and magistrates to take special care on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday during the fair, all should be active 24 * 7. He instructed that CRPF personnel will be stationed at the exit gate of Baba Baidyanath temple. The DC said that the Kanwariyas should come to Babadham fearlessly, for their safety and convenience, CRPF, NDRF, Women’s Battalion, Jharkhand Jaguar and other security forces are deployed in the entire fair area.

special security arrangements

Take special care of security in crowded areas like Baba Mandir, Shivganga Sarovar. He asked the NDRF team to be ready at Shivganga Sarovar, Shivram Jha Chowk, Baba Mandir and asked the commandant to keep a mobile team active in the route line.

keep the root line system strong

The DC said that keep monitoring the entire system of the route line and strengthen the system by removing the deficiencies. Apart from raping all the electric poles falling in the route line, he instructed to lay carpet from Shivram Jha Chowk to Q Complex and BN Jha Path to Sivagangai. Instructed the officials to make arrangements for the spiritual building falling on the Kanwariya path and to start the arrangement of langar at a low rate there. Along with this, all 31 information centers in the fair area were instructed to work 24 hours in active mode.

treat kanwariyas decently

The DC instructed all the magistrates, police officers, central force and police force personnel deputed in the Mela area to treat the devotees with service and decency. Keep all CCTV cameras and ICCR control room active for 24 hours. There should be strict monitoring of every activity. In the meeting, DDC Dr. Tarachand, CEO Corporation Shailendra Kumar Lal, NDC Parmeshwar Munda, DPRO Ravi Kumar, confidential in-charge Vivek Mehta, DSO Amit Kumar, District Disaster Management Officer Rajeev Kumar, CRPF and NDRF commandants and magistrates deputed in routeline, DC Cell Officer, APRO Rohit Vidyarti and officers of the concerned department were present.

After the new order, the opening time of Shidhra Darshan counter changed

On the instructions of DC Manjunath Bhajantri regarding the world famous Shravani fair, it was decided to sell Sheedhradarshan tickets from 5 am to 6 pm from Thursday. For which the Shidhradarshan counter will be operated in two shifts according to the time, in which the first shift will be from 5:00 am to 11:30 pm and the second shift will be from 11:00 pm to 6:00 pm, so that the devotees may have no time to see and worship Baba. Don’t be in trouble Devotees can return to their destination with a pleasant experience.

Lord Shiva has descended in Shivlok premises

Lord Shiva has descended in the Shivlok complex located at Bajrangi Chowk. This has been made possible by PRD Deoghar and Tourism Department. Shiva devotees have gathered from far and wide to have a glimpse of this picturesque sight. Due to this the whole Shivlok complex has become Shivamay. Yes, we are talking about the supernatural tableau made in Shivlok premises. Here in the same premises, the story from the conversation between Lord Shiva and devotee Ravana sitting on Mount Kailasa to the arrival of Baba Baidyanath in Baba Nagari can be seen in a living form. It has been given a live form by Pavan Roy and team, secretary of Deoghar Cornik and Lallu and Sons team. In this regard, Cornik’s secretary Pavan Roy told that the love of the devotee and God has been beautifully shown in the Shivlok complex. The huge Shivling of 25 feet is attracting devotees from far away. On seeing the chain of 108 Shivling of five feet, devotees cannot stop themselves from saluting. Proof size is the beautiful temple of Baba and Parvati. Four Jyotirlingas of 15 feet, Kedarnath, Somnath, Mallikarjuna and Rameshwaram etc. have been made. The story of Ravneshwar Baidyanath has been shown beautifully through light and sound.

From Thursday the history of Baba Mandir will be seen through laser show in Sivagangai

Jharkhand Government’s Tourism Department will give information about the history of Baba Mandir and nearby tourist places through a laser light show in Sivagangai from Thursday. For this, the work of cleaning Sivagangai and installation of projector along with electricity system is going on. Work has started from Tuesday. A team from Delhi is engaged to install this water projector in Sivagangai. The personnel of the team said that this water projector will be installed in the middle of Sivagangai and in it the history of 22 temples including Sivagangai, Baba Mandir, establishment of Shivling and the history of nearby tourist areas will be shown through laser light.

Arrangement of external Argha outside Parvati temple as well

During the Shravani fair, after the Baba temple, now arrangements have been made for the convenience of the devotees in the Parvati temple as well. This is an effective arrangement to avoid long queues at the Parvati temple and for the sick and elderly as well as children. This Argha would be kept at the main door of the temple. Kanwariyas will be able to pour their water in it. Every half an hour the water of the Ganges stored in the pot of Brahya Argha will be offered to the idol of the mother by going to the temple administration towards the temple administration.

Raids on food security, two establishments closed

For the second consecutive day, the team members conducted a raid campaign cum inspection regarding the food security of Shravani Mela. This raid operation cum inspection is being done as per the instructions of Deputy Commissioner cum Inspection Deputy Commissioner and Sub-Divisional Officer. During this, Designated Officer cum ACMO Dr. CK Shahi, Deoghar District Food Safety Officer Sanjay Kumar, Pakud Food Safety Officer Dhaneshwar Hembram, along with Prince Kumar Chaudhary, Sanjay Kumar inspected various food establishments from the western gate of the temple complex to the IP gate. During this, District Food Safety Officer Sanjay Kumar said that 30 food samples taken from about 20 food establishments were tested from the on-spot laboratory technology, in which 22 samples were found to be correct and eight food samples, in which inedible color was found in laddus. immediately destroyed. And strict warning was given that strict action will be taken if found using inedible color in future. At the same time, during the inspection, many shops Shambhu Peda Bhandar, Narayan Peda Bhandar, Ganesh Peda Bhandar and various food establishments located at Western Gate closed their shops and ran away, apart from this, food items were inspected in Messrs Janaki Shah Peda Bhandar and one food item was seized. Khoa’s sample was taken, where the shopkeeper was also protesting. Apart from this, he said that food businessmen were asked to take food license.

Bilv Patra exhibition will start from July 17

According to the mythological tradition going on in Baba Mandir, there is a tradition of Belpatra exhibition and offering of Belpatra. This tradition has been going on for more than 150 years. Bangla Shravan, 17th July Monday, from Kark Sankranti, Bilvpatra will be offered to Baba Bholenath by all the parties, which will be displayed by offering Bilvpatra on Mondays, 17th, 24th and 31st July, 7th and 14th August. On 17th July, Monday and 17th August, Thursday, Sankranti, an attractive exhibition will be organized by various societies. In this, General Samaj and Devkripa Van Samrat Belpatra Samaj in Kali Mandir, Burnel Samaj in Tara Mandir, Masani Dal One and Masani Dal Two in Laxmi Narayan Temple and Shanti Akhara Samaj, Rajaram Belpatra Samaj in Ram Mandir, Pandit Manokamna Radhe Shyam in Anand Bhairav ​​Temple. An exhibition of attractive and unique Pahari Bilpatra similar to Baba’s Trinetra is organized by two groups of Belpatra Samaj. According to the tradition, the members of all the parties decorate their Bilv Patra in silver utensils and leave for the city tour at around five o’clock in the evening. After this, he goes to his throne and displays it with his bilv letter.

Additional stoppage of Gaya-Jasidih-Gaya Shravani Mela Special at Barhiya station

With immediate effect, Railways has decided to give additional stoppage of train number (03698/03697) Gaya-Jasidih-Gaya Shravani Mela Special at Barhiya station. Train No. (03698) Gaya-Jasidih Special and Train No. (03697) Jasidih-Gaya Special will reach Barhiya station at 02:15 hrs and 10:21 hrs respectively train will halt at Barhiya station for two minutes.


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