ATM Fraud: ATM fraud gang is active in Muzaffarpur, change ATM card in the name of help, be careful


A state in Eastern India: In Muzaffarpur’s Ahiyapur, the gang stealing money from the account by changing the ATM card is active. The safe zone of miscreants has been made from Medical Overbridge to Zeromile Chowk. In the last three months, more than a dozen people have been able to withdraw money by changing their ATM cards. Even after the fraud of five lakh 20 thousand by Amit Kumar, the son of the petrol pump operator, who had gone to withdraw money from the SBI ATM near the medical college, the police have not come into action. A new case of withdrawing money by changing the ATM card near the medical college has come to light.

change atm card in the name of help

Retired soldier Umashankar Singh’s ATM card was changed to a fraud of Rs 47 thousand 538. A month after the incident, the police of Ahiyapur police station registered an FIR in the matter. In this, it has been told that on June 4, the medical had gone to withdraw money from HDFC ATM. Was checking the mini statement after withdrawing Rs.500. When it took time, four-five people standing behind him entered inside the ATM. Said that if it is not coming out of you, then we will remove it. Coming to his words, he gave his ATM card to him. After some time, the young man said that the statement is not coming out. He dodged and handed over the second ATM card. In a hurry, he could not see his ATM card. Later, 47 thousand 538 rupees were withdrawn from his account in three times.

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Vicious have come out of jail

It should be known that many of the vicious ATM fraud gang operating from Minapur have come out of jail. These vicious people have again become active in Ahiyapur, Brahmpura and Mithanpura police station area. The police team is not able to monitor their activities.

keep these things in mind

Be careful while withdrawing money

Don’t send children and elders to withdraw money by giving them ATM cards

Do not allow anyone inside the ATM while withdrawing money

Hiding the ATM PIN with your hand, click on the machine

Do not ask any person for help while withdrawing money from ATM

Even if someone shows haste, leave inside the ATM only after being completely satisfied.

After withdrawing money, check the card correctly and put it in your pocket and go out



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