PHOTOS: Baba Nagri became Shivamay, 1.13 lakh devotees performed Jalabhishek on the first day, special care for the convenience of Kanwariyas


1,13,352 devotees performed Jalabhishek in Babadham on the first day of Sawan

Shravani Mela 2023: The world famous Shravani fair started from Tuesday. Along with this, the offering of water from Argha started in Baba Mandir. On the first day of the month of Sawan, 1,13,352 devotees offered auspiciousness by offering water with Argha in Baba Mandir. As soon as the fair starts, Babadham is filled with saffron-clad people. On Tuesday, at 03:05 in the morning, the doors were opened and official worship was performed. At the same time, from 03:45 the door was opened for the common devotees and the offering of water started. During this, the queue of Kanwariyas had reached the Q Complex since early morning.

Baba Nagri echoed with the cheers of Bol Bam

The entire route line resonated with the chants of Shiva devotees. All the Kanwariyas kept moving forward in a queue chanting Baba’s praises. Adequate arrangements have also been made for the convenience and security of the devotees at every point of the route line. Water offering was started to the queued Kanwariyas from Q Complex via Mansinghi foot overbridge through Argha in the sanctum sanctorum of Baba Mandir. As soon as the curtain opened, the dancing kanwariyas kept moving forward in the queue chanting Om Namah Shivay. In order to queue up Kanwariyas, arrangements have been made to send them directly from Jalsar Children-Park via Pandit Shivram Jha Chowk to the sanctum sanctorum of Baba Mandir via overbridge from Nehru Park via Q Complex. A large number of elders and children who did not go in the queue offered water to the outer argha outside the exit gate to wish them good luck.

677 devotees took the early Darshanam Coupons

Coupon counter of Shyyadarshanam was closed till 6 pm in Baba Mandir. Till the counter was closed, 677 coupons were issued at the rate of Rs.500 per Kanwariya. On the other hand, so that the Kanwariyas taking the coupons do not feel the crowd, for this, the system was continued to make the Kanwariyas queue up from Nathbari and enter the sanctum sanctorum of the temple via the administrative building from behind the facility center.

Kanwariyas are getting relief in Kothia and Baghmara tent city

The two tent cities made by the Tourism Department on the banks of the Deoghar-Sultanganj State Highway are giving a lot of relief to the Kanwariyas. Kanwariyas are getting home-like facilities in the huge tent city near Baghmara bus stand and Kothia stand. Arrangements have been made for one thousand Kanwariyas to rest in the tent city. Beds and fans have been installed in the tent city. Along with this, full care has been taken of cleanliness.

Strong security arrangements in tent city

The tent city was completely covered so that the mosquitoes could not disturb the Kanwaris. Apart from this, there are separate toilet units and bathroom facilities for men and women outside the tent city, due to which Kanwariyas are going out to offer water very comfortably. Especially those coming by vehicle, after parking their vehicles at the Kanwariya bus stand, are leaving in the morning to perform Jalabhishek at the Baba Mandir. On Tuesday too, a large number of Kanwariyas were resting in the tent city. There are strict security arrangements here, along with the police help center, the information center of the district administration has also been set up.

First priority to make queued, safe and accessible water supply: DC

DC cum temple administrator Manjunath Bhajantri reached Baba Baidyanath temple on the first day of Shravani Mela. He inspected the temple premises and took stock of the security system and law and order. As soon as the DC reached the temple, first of all, he took the Shyyadarshanam coupon and offered water to Baba Baidyanath. In order to inspect the temple after worship, while discussing in detail the works to be done regarding law and order, convenience and security of the devotees, the officials and police officers, establishing better coordination with the panda and priestly society, queued up and safely offered water to the devotees. Told to get it done. Also instructed to ensure that there is no parking of vehicles at the VIP gate of Baba Mandir under any circumstances.

He inspected the Trauma Center and Baba Mandir Sub-Health Center located in the Baba Mandir premises and came to know about the arrangements made for the health facilities of the devotees, availability of medicines, deputation of doctors and health workers etc. Along with this, directions were given to the NDRF jawans deputed in Baba Mandir premises for the safety and cooperation of the devotees. In order to provide better facilities to the devotees, in order to provide better facilities to the devotees, pay attention to the smallest tasks, maintain better cleanliness, make the temple encroachment free, besides using two sheets, clay, bamboo instead of polythene and thermocol. instructed to keep After inspecting Nathbari for the purpose of quick Darshanam, he came to know about the actual status of works done for the convenience of the devotees. Temple assistant in-charge Sunil Kumar, Prakash Mishra, temple manager Ramesh Parihast and others were present on the occasion.


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