Russia: Putin announces after Russia crisis is over, no charges will be filed against Wagner chief


Russia said it would not prosecute Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the private army ‘Wagner Group’, and his fighters. Prigozhin, who declared an armed rebellion against Russia, ordered his fighters to march towards Moscow, the capital of Russia. However, he later asked the fighters to make an abrupt diversion, after which they would head to neighboring Belarus. The Wagner chief said he had ordered his fighters not to advance towards Moscow and return to their base camps in Ukraine, so that the Russian Let the blood of civilians not be shed.

Fighters will not be prosecuted

This is the biggest challenge President Vladimir Putin has faced during his tenure of more than two decades. Kremlin (Russia’s presidential palace) spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that the charges against Prigozhin for inciting an armed rebellion would be dropped and that the fighters who joined him would not be prosecuted. Peskov also said that the fighters of the Wagner Group, who had joined Prigozhin in the uprising, would be offered contracts by the Ministry of Defense. Earlier, in a televised address to the nation, Putin termed the Wagner Group’s declaration of armed rebellion as betrayal and treason.

patriot who loves motherland

Peskov allowed Prigozhin and his fighters to leave freely, saying that Putin’s biggest objective was to avoid bloodshed and internal conflict, which could have unpredictable consequences. Significantly, Prigozhin had decided to send his fighters back when they were about 200 kilometers from Moscow, so that the blood of the Russian people would not be shed. Prigozhin had said that he had 25,000 fighters in his private army and had decided not to surrender, because he did not want the country to live under the shadow of corruption, deceit and bureaucracy. In an audio message released on the messaging app ‘Telegram’, Prigozhin had said, it is wrong to accuse the president of betraying the motherland. We are patriots who love our motherland.


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