Dhanbad ahead in women harassment, Giridih second and Bokaro third, know what is the condition of crime in which district


Women Harassment: Women empowerment is discussed everywhere. Many laws have also been made, but still there is no decrease in atrocities on women. Especially the complaints of domestic violence do not seem to be reducing. The lack of awareness is said to be a big reason behind this, while the lack of rules and regulations is also no less a big reason. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a total of 5381 cases have been registered in Dhanbad, Giridih and Bokaro from the year 2019 to 2021 in cases like rape, murder after gang rape, cruelty by husband or husband’s relatives, sexual harassment and POCSO.

On a comparative study of the figures of these three districts, it is clear that Dhanbad is at the forefront of crime against women. Giridih is second and Bokaro is at number three. In these three years, 1900 cases of crime related to women were registered in Dhanbad, 1757 in Giridih and 1724 in Bokaro. According to the experts, these are the cases which are coming to the police, while there are infinite number of such cases which do not come to the fore due to public shame, compromise or fear. If all the cases come to the fore then these figures will be more.

It is good that now women are coming forward.

Earlier and now statistics show that awareness has increased among women, so the system has also come forward. That’s why reporting of incidents has started, but still there is scope for improvement. For this, the family will have to come forward, so that public shame and fear do not become a reason to hide any major crime. Women or girls should be able to keep their point openly.

legal awareness campaign

A big problem is also to escape from the legal wrangles. That’s why there should be such a provision in the law that no one should be spared in cases related to harassment of women. There is a need for legal awareness related to such matters from time to time.

Presentation: Shobhit Ranjan, Ashish Ranjan, Alok Kumar, Sumit Kumar.

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Due to public shame, many cases are buried

Talking about the three districts, the incidents of harassment by the husband and his relatives are also not less. There is a need for awareness about this. Experts tell that the number of such cases is more. But it is suppressed due to public shame and family pressure. Although there is an effect of increasing women’s police station and social concern, but it needs to be strengthened further.

Incidents of murder after rape

If you look at the statistics of all the three districts, the incidents of rape with women, especially young girls, have increased. If we go to the bottom of the incidents, then most of these incidents are executed by one or the other acquaintance. The extent is that after rape, incidents up to murder are being carried out.

There is a need to raise awareness

Today, in the era of single family and technology, such incidents are increasing. In view of this, there is a need to spread awareness at the school level itself. It is very important to have the identity of right and wrong, especially in girls, so there is a need to inculcate rites in boys as well. It is everyone’s responsibility.

What is the condition of crime in which district?



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