Agra: Arrested for stealing jewelery worth lakhs of Airforce personnel, GRP revealed the incident in five days


Agra. GRP Agra Cantt has revealed the incident of theft with a passenger from Visakhapatnam during the journey in Andhra Pradesh Express train on 22 June. Two accused involved in this incident have been arrested. From whom the police have recovered jewelry and other items worth about 860000 thousand. Every item stolen by the Airforce personnel has also been recovered. Superintendent of Police Railway said that after 5 days of hard work and searching 300 CCTVs and 700 autos, both the accused have been caught successfully. After taking legal action, both the accused have been sent to jail. These people used to ride in the coach by taking AC tickets and made the passengers victims of loot and theft in the middle of the night.

GRP disclosed the incident

According to the information, I AK Murali Krishna, a resident of Visakhapatnam, is posted in the Air Force in Delhi. He along with his wife and child was traveling from Visakhapatnam to Delhi in coach B7 by Andhra Pradesh Express on 22 June. When his eyes opened at around 4:45 in the morning, he searched the bag kept with him. In which his jewelry and cash were kept, the value of which he told about 6 lakh rupees. But when they did not recover the bag. Even after looking around, when there was no trace of the bag, he informed GRP Agra Cantt. After which the GRP employees reached the spot and started the investigation by forming a team to reveal the incident.

Auto was captured in CCTV

Superintendent of Police Railway Mohammad Mustaq said that after the passenger informed about the theft, a case was registered under the relevant sections and after that five teams including surveillance under the direction of Deputy Superintendent of Police Railway Agra Naeem Khan Mansuri and under the leadership of Station GRP Inspector Devendra Kumar Dwivedi has been constituted. Started scanning CCTV footage around Agra Cantt. After watching the CCTV footage, it was found that both the accused Bhimsen and Lavkush Kushwaha fled from Agra Cantt station with a bag in an auto. Auto captured in CCTV. But, due to non-appearance of the number plate of that auto, the GRP had to struggle a lot.

police arrested

Many CCTVs of Agra, Dholpur and Gwalior were seen. In which after watching about 300 CCTV footage, it was found that accused Bhimsen and Lavkush Kushwaha boarded a travel company bus for Gwalior after taking an auto from Agra Cantt. After reaching Gwalior, his clue was traced with the help of CCTV. Who got the information that he was sitting in the auto after getting off the bus. Due to less number of CCTVs in Gwalior, 700 autos were searched and their drivers were questioned. After which it was learned that the accused had gone towards their village. Due to non-availability of CCTV in the village, a clue about him was made by showing his photo, then he was found somewhere and he was arrested.

Arrested near Baba’s tomb

It was told by Superintendent of Police Railway Mohammad Mustaq that 22-year-old Bhimsen alias Bhima’s son Ramkumar is a resident of Hari Rampura, police station Malanpur, district Bhind. Luvkush Kushwaha’s son Balveer Kushwaha is also a resident of Italian police station Malanpur district Bhind. Both these accused are rewarded with 25-25 thousand rupees. He was arrested in Agra on 26th June near the shrine of Hazrat Heegan Shah Wale Baba at Tank Chauraha Namner Road. Superintendent of Police Railway told that Bhima and Lavkush Kushwaha had met in the jail. Both became good friends. After coming out of jail, both of them started committing theft incidents in the train.

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Goods worth 860000 recovered

During police interrogation, the accused told that these two people jointly run their gang. They travel to different states by taking tickets for AC coaches of trains. They carry out incidents of theft and loot. During the journey, these two people first do Reiki of the passengers. Women who travel with their families to attend wedding ceremonies carrying jewelry and when they sleep at night. So these people steal the purses, valuables and mobiles of those women in the AC coach or snatch them away when the speed of the train slows down. Goods worth about 860000 have been recovered from both the accused, in which all the stolen goods belonging to the victim AK Murli Krishna have been fully recovered. A reward of 25000 will also be given to the team which disclosed the incident.

disclosure team

In-charge Inspector Devendra Kumar Dwivedi Police Station GRP Agra Cantt, Inspector Rajeev Kumar, Sub Inspector Arvind Kumar, Sub Inspector Satyapal Singh, Constable Last Chaudhary, Constable Vijay Singh, Constable Rohit Kumar, Constable Tilak Narayan, Constable Karan Yadav, Constable Atul, Constable Rishi Kumar Constable Rajveer.



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