G-20 Summit Patna: There will be brainstorming on many topics including women, employment, the command of L-20 will be handed over to Brazil on June 23


President of L-20 and All India President of Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) Hiranmoy Pandya said that in the Patna L-20 summit, a comprehensive discussion will be held on ‘Social Security for All’ and ‘Women and Employment’. He said that 94% of the people in India are working in unorganized sectors, so the social security of workers working in unorganized sectors will also be discussed in this conference. 32% of the working population of the whole world are women, it will also be considered to increase it further. There will also be discussion in this summit in the direction of increasing the participation of women in all fields. Pandya was giving information about the L-20 summit to be held from June 22 to 23 at Gyan Bhawan in a press conference on Wednesday. He said that 80% of the world’s population comes in the G-20. There will be discussion on migrated labor and their social security.

Pandya said that the proposal passed in the Amritsar Summit on Social Security to all, International Portability of Social Security Fund and Women and Employment will also be discussed in detail in the Patna L-20 Summit. He said that Bihar government is getting full cooperation to make this summit a success. As such, Bihar has a bigger name than before in the country and the world. It will increase further after this summit.

He said that the L-20 summit will be inaugurated by Bihar Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar on June 22 at 10 am in the auditorium of Gyan Bhavan. Union Labor Minister Bhupendra Yadav, Union Minister of State for Labor Rameshwar Teli and Bihar Government’s Labor Minister Surendra Ram will also be present in this. Union Labor Secretary Aarti Ahuja will specially participate in the inauguration ceremony. 173 delegates from 28 countries including India will participate in the conference. On the occasion, Chief Coordinator of L-20 cum All India Organization Minister of BMS B. Surendran, Coordinator cum Union Regional Organization Minister Pawan Kumar and Additional Director General of Press Information Bureau SK Malviya were present.

Guests were welcomed with traditional songs, security remained tight

Almost all the delegates reached on Wednesday itself for the meeting of Labor Engagement Group of G-20 countries to be held in Patna for two days. The delegates were accorded a traditional welcome at the Patna airport. The delegates were taken to the vehicle with a colorful umbrella made of Madhubani painting. The artists presented traditional songs and dances. After this he was taken to Maurya, Panash and Lemon Tree. Regarding the arrival of the delegates, the security system has been tightened from the hotels to the whole of Patna.

Multilingual guide will introduce the guests to the historical splendor of Bihar

The tourism department will acquaint the representatives of G-20 countries who have reached Bihar with the glorious history of the state. About two dozen multilingual tourist guides associated with the tourism department will tell the guests about Bihar. All the guides have been given special training to give information about the cultural, historical and mythological heritage of Bihar.

G-20 Summit Patna: Common vehicles will not ply on the route through which the guests will pass, know the timeline of the meeting

Deployment of medical teams in three shifts

In view of the G-20 Engagement Group conference, the deployment of medical teams in three shifts has been done at different places in the capital. Reports are also being taken from these teams every eight hours. Health Secretary Sanjay Kumar Singh is taking information from the teams every moment. The responsibility of monitoring the health problems of the guests has been assigned to the civil surgeon. Dr. Sunil Kumar Jha, Director General of Health Services, has been made the nodal officer. One medical unit each has been deployed at Hotel Lemon Tree, Gargi Grade, Panash and Hotel Maurya. Three private and four government hospitals have been kept in high alert mode.

how many guests from where

Most of the foreign guests reached Patna on Wednesday to participate in the G20 conference. These include four from China, four from Indonesia, three from Russia, eight from Saudi Arabia, two from Argentina, one from Netherlands, one from Japan, three from Italy, two from Maldives, one from Kenya, three from Egypt, one from Bulgaria, There are one foreign guest from Mexico, four from Turkey, one from Nigeria, two from USA, two from Bangladesh and two from Mauritius.

100 representatives of G-20 group visited Bihar Museum, said- its architecture is amazing

Today the governor will inaugurate the summit, late evening gala dinner

The summit formally began on Wednesday with a welcome dinner by the state Labor Resources Department, introduction of delegates and a welcome speech by L-20 President Hiranmoy Pandya. Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar will inaugurate the first day of the three-day summit on June 22 at 10 am at Gyan Bhawan. On June 22 itself, there will be five technical sessions on the problems of the workers. After that, after considering the draft of L-20 and B-20, it will be finalized. In the evening there will be a cultural program based on the folk arts of Bihar at Bapu Auditorium. While in the late evening, a gala dinner is to be organized by the Department of Art, Culture and Youth at Ashoka Center. All the representatives will go to Patna Sahib on the morning of 23rd June. After that, topics related to laborers will be discussed in different technical sessions by experts in Gyan Bhavan. There will be L-20 draft and joint statement, cultural program and farewell dinner.


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