… So from tomorrow 500 liquor shops will be closed in this state, know what is the reason?


The last source of income of the state government Liquor There is income from. A large part of the budget of state governments depends on the income from liquor, yet a southern state has decided to close more than 500 retail liquor shops. At the same time, the opposition has also praised this decision of the government.

500 liquor shops will not open from June 22

In fact, the state-run TASMAC in Tamil Nadu announced on Wednesday the implementation of the Government Order (GO) to close 500 retail liquor shops. These shops will not open from June 22. Tamil Nadu minister V. Senthil Balaji had made an announcement in this regard in the state assembly in the month of April. He was then in charge of the Excise Department.

Because of this 500 liquor shops will be closed

It is reported that these steps have been taken to identify and shut down TASMAC shops near places of worship, schools, colleges and low income earning shops. Tamil Nadu has 5329 retail outlets owned by the state government body TASMAC, and out of these, 500 will be closed.

Chief Minister M.K. The order was issued on the instructions of Stalin

Tell you that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Referring to the announcement made in the Assembly then on ‘Stalin’s instructions’, the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) said in a statement that the government order in this regard was issued on April 20, 2023. In this order, 500 retail shops of liquor were asked to be identified and closed. According to TASMAC, “The government has been asked to implement the order to identify those 500 retail outlets in the state and close them from June 22, 2023.”

Step taken after 27 percent increase in liquor sales

It is noteworthy that TASMAC liquor sales for the year 2022-23 have touched Rs 44,098.56 crore, while the sales figures during the previous financial year were Rs 36,050.65 crore, a whopping growth of 27 per cent.

Opposition praised the government’s decision

The opposition party Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) welcomed the move and urged Stalin to implement prohibition in the state. The PMK, which has been prominently advocating prohibition in the state, called for the closure of the rest of the shops in a phased manner.

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