Heatwave: Due to the fear of compensation in Ballia, the cause of death is being covered up! DM’s claims exposed by the victim


Baliya, The death toll in the heatwave in UP’s Ballia is not taking its name. Despite hundreds of deaths due to heatwave in the district, the district administration is not ready to accept it as a heat wave case. The reason behind the death is heatwave. Whereas in the past, the outgoing CMS Dr. Diwakar Singh was transferred after the cause of death was told as heatweb. Two health directors have also come from the government to find out the cause of death. But, till now the administration has not been able to reach the conclusion that what is the reason behind the death. On the other hand, the enlightened people and leaders angry with the apathetic attitude of the district administration said that the district administration is hiding the causes of death for fear of giving compensation. For your information, let us tell you that the death toll due to heat web has crossed the century mark. The process of death is going on for the last ten days. Heat web is mostly making middle and old man its victim.

Demand for compensation to the relatives of the deceased

The maximum number of deaths in the district took place in Bansdih. Whereas, Gadwar block is on the second number. In view of the heatwave, the district administration has also issued an advisory for immediate rescue. Despite the continuous deaths, the district administration is not yet ready to accept that the reason behind the death is heatwave. In such a situation, the leaders have now made the district administration stand in the dock. State Joint Secretary of AIMIM Mohammad Shamim Khan said that the district administration is trying to cover up the cause of death for fear of giving compensation to the family of the deceased. On the other hand, senior advocate Manoj Rai Hans said that the family of the deceased should not be given compensation, so the cause of death is not being clarified by the district administration. The cause of death is only and only heatwave and the government should give compensation to the family of the deceased at any cost. SP leader Rahul Rai told that the district administration should stop the drama and announce compensation for the family of the deceased as soon as possible.

How much compensation is received for deaths due to heat web

Revenue mandate number 303 of Uttar Pradesh government was issued on June 27, 2016. In which the outbreak of heatwave has been considered as a state disaster. Under this, a provision has been made to give assistance to the victim or his family members. According to this, in case of death due to heatwave, an assistance of Rs 4 lakh will be given to the family of the deceased. For your information, let us tell you that the state government had also released 3 crore 60 lakhs for the past 2018-19 under disaster management. But this time the district administration has slept with oil in their ears despite the rumors that there are deaths one after the other.

The advocate exposed the claims of DM

Despite the one after the other deaths in the district hospital where the District Magistrate is not tired of saying after visiting that all the facilities are available in the district hospital. On the other hand, Pradeep Kaushik, advocate of the civil court, has exposed every claim of the District Magistrate on Monday. Pradeep Kaushik has tweeted to CM Yogi after complaining to the CMO about the malpractices prevailing in the district hospital. For your information, let us tell you that senior civil court advocate Pradeep Kaushik had come to the district hospital on Monday with his elder father for treatment, where he was asked to cut the slip from the counter and go to the emergency and get the patient admitted.

Medicines not available in hospital

According to Pradeep Kaushik, on going to the emergency, he was given only one kit and was told to buy the rest of the items from outside. Advocate Pradeep Kaushik got very angry on this and said that when on one hand the government is boasting about the best health facilities, on the other hand how can the doctors and staff posted in the emergency of the district hospital say that you should buy the rest of the medicines from outside. Take it. Said that government facilities are being misused in the district hospital. I will complain about this to the CMO.

Both the directors remained frozen even on Monday, unable to explain the reason

Director Health Uttar Pradesh Dr. KN Tiwari and Director Communications Dr. AK Singh, who came from the government on Sunday amid the deaths in the district due to heat web, remained frozen in the district hospital on Monday as well. Examined the patients coming to the district hospital throughout the day, but till now both the directors were seen trying to explain the reasons behind the death. On Monday, the District Magistrate also visited the district hospital, but he too kept on chanting the same tune that the director was chanting.


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