Bihar: Give 10 lakhs, otherwise… businessman asked for extortion on phone, shop has been closed for two days due to fear


In Bihar’s Narkatiaganj, incidents like demanding extortion have started once again after one and a half months. Kayamuddin, a resident of Sonasati and doing readymade business at Nagendra Tiwari Chowk in the city, has closed his shop fearing extortion. Their shop is closed for two days. On the other hand, the restlessness of the police has increased and after demanding extortion of one million rupees from a readymade businessman, the market of discussions in the city has become hot that after five months, no criminal has knocked again in Narkatiaganj.

The murder took place five months ago in the city for not giving extortion

Let us tell you that five months ago, a criminal named Shaukat Abbas Sheikh called up Vikas Chandra Goyal, a readymade businessman from the city and demanded extortion of 20 lakhs. Kishan Kumar, the businessman’s son, was shot at Saresham Chikpatti Road for not giving. Not only this, the said miscreant had threatened MLA Rashmi Verma by phone when she had gone to Rahmanania Hospital in Motihari to meet businessman’s son Kishan. After this, demand was made for Mukesh Kumar Jaiswal, resident of Pakdi Dhala, Galla businessman Vinod Jaiswal and Potato businessman Kapildev Sah Serangdari. For about one and a half months, the miscreants demanding extortion of ten lakhs from readymade businessman Kyammuddin has not only created a sensation, but once again the discussion about Shaukat Abbas Sheikh’s name in the extortion case has also started.

Extortion sought from businessmen at a glance

February 10 – Extortion of 20 lakhs by calling Vikas Chandra Goyal, resident of Ward 16 of the city.

February 11 – Vikas’s son Kishan was shot in the leg by criminals in Chikpatti Road.

February 13 – Extortion sought in front of MLA Rashmi Verma who went to see Kishan admitted in Rahmania Hospital Motihari

February 16 – Threat to the MLA by the name of Shaukat Abbas Sheikh, video and audio viral on February 19

March 16 – Extortion demanded from Mukesh Jaiswal, resident of Pakdi Dhala and city council sensor

March 23 – One crore extortion demanded from Vinod Jaiswal, a well-known Galla businessman of the city.

April 1 – A potato businessman Kapildev Sah, a resident of Hardiya Chowk in the city, was asked for an extortion of 20 lakhs by phone, earlier on February 28, extortion was sought by sending a letter.

Those who entered Nitish Kumar’s security circle turned out to be chain snatchers, CM was doing morning walk, 2 arrested

Dozen arrested in extortion and firing

On the basis of their involvement in the incident of extortion and firing from businessmen Vikas Chandra Goyal and Kishan Kumar, the Shikarpur police have so far arrested a total of 13 accused. Among the arrested accused, Mo. Sartaj of Narkatiya, Dheeraj Kumar of Bhasurari, Mo. of Taharwa. Sohail, Ravikesh Mishra of Harpur, Kamran of Diulia, Amit Kumar Dubey of Hardia, Sunny Kumar Singh of Majhaulia are included. Everyone is in jail. But the one who was called by the name Shaukat Abbas Sheikh. That scoundrel is still out of police custody.

The Shikarpur police arrested Sawan Kumar alias Sawan Savaria of Uttarakhand, Sanjay Mishra of Gobraura and Makesh Kumar Singh of Chini Mill Chowk and Kaushal Kishore of Harsari, who demanded an amount of one crore from Galla businessman Vinod Jaiswal, and sent them to jail. Nippu Dubey of Harsari, Rajendra Sah Raj Hoshila Baitha of Dhaminaha and Jogi Miya of Parsauni Chautarwa were arrested for demanding extortion from a potato trader. In the case of extortion demand from Mukesh Jaiswal, Shibbu Miya of Purani Bazar has also been arrested by the police and sent to jail.



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