Abhishek’s new act of calling the DGP as a judge, was urging the jail superintendent to shift to the general ward


Along with the Patna Police, the jail administration has started an investigation in connection with the recovery of a smartphone from the fraudster Abhishek Agarwal alias Abhishek Bhopalika, lodged in Patna’s Beur Jail. Due to Abhishek’s antics, the jail administration had locked him in the high security cell, due to which he was upset and for this he sent a WhatsApp message to Jail Superintendent Jitendra Kumar and Deputy Superintendent Rajesh Kumar Singh by posing as Secretary of Union Home Ministry and DP of ADG Headquarters. Called His wish was that he should be taken out of the cell and kept in the general ward, as well as arrangements should be made for his desired food. Along with this, he had demanded to sit in the jail office and meet his visitors.

Jail Superintendent called twice and Deputy Superintendent four times

The rules for the prisoners locked in the cell are strict and monitoring is also done. The exit time is also fixed. Along with this, the visitors of the prisoners locked in the cell are also monitored. Due to which he was having trouble in the cell. He called the jail superintendent twice and the deputy superintendent four times. But Jail Superintendent Jitendra Kumar recognized him and raided and recovered the smartphone from him.

Was running WhatsApp and Facebook

In this case, a case has been registered against Abhishek Agarwal in Beur police station. IO sub-inspector Ashok Ojha has been made in charge of its case. Prisoner Raja was also there when the mobile phone was recovered. The police is probing the role of these two. According to sources, the police have examined his mobile phone. In which it has been learned that he was also running Facebook and WhatsApp. The police is taking information about the names and addresses of those people with whom Abhishek used to chat continuously. All of them will be questioned. Along with this, the CDR of the mobile phone is being extracted, so that it will be clear with whom he has been talking continuously. His mobile phone’s messenger, Google history is also being scrutinised.

Apart from this, the CDR of the number of the jail personnel whose names have come up in providing mobile phones will also be taken out. The recovered SIM card is in the name of Bharat Das of West Bengal, which is suspected to have been taken without his permission. Because SIM cards are taken from Kolkata itself in the name of others on the basis of their documents. Which is used in jails all over Bihar. Along with this, cyber miscreants also use these SIM cards.

A gang of cyber miscreants was caught by the Journalist Nagar Police, at that time the matter of purchasing SIM cards for ten to twenty thousand rupees from Kolkata itself was revealed. Sources also say that he used to talk to other prisoners through video calls from his smartphone. His mobile phone will also be sent to FSL for examination. Along with this, Abhishek and Raja can also be shifted to Bhagalpur Jail.

Bihar: The new act of a fraudster who instructed the DGP by becoming a judge, doing surprising things even while in jail

Second case of recovery of smart phone

Always a mobile phone with keypad was recovered from inside Beur Jail. Because it is small and easy to use. This is the second case of smart phones being recovered inside the jail. The first case was of Rahul Kumar, an accused of rape. Smart phone was also recovered from him. He had threatened the family members of the victim with his smartphone and had also put a picture of Holi inside the jail. On getting information about this, the police raided and the smartphone was recovered from him.


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