Seven days spent in Israel with Sushant Singh Rajput are the best moments of life, why did Vikramjit Virk say so


Actor Vikramjeet Virk is one of the few actors who made his debut on the small screen and he is continuously active these days in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Punjabi films. Vikramjeet says that I feel that I must have done good deeds in my previous birth, which I got the opportunity to project in so many different people and languages. Excerpts from the conversation with Urmila Kori…

You have been associated with many film industries, which film industry experience would you describe as the most special?

I enjoy watching Telugu movies the most. I think they are very passionate about films and they work day and night to make a good film. I love to work with passion, work keeping in mind the time, work with respect to everyone. This is the reason why I enjoy working in Telugu films.

In the current era, people are getting work by looking at followers on social media, what is your opinion on this trend?

You love your work very much. If you do it with all your heart, then these things do not make any difference to you. By the way, I consider it wrong to get work on this basis. The number of followers is mostly wrong. This thing is not hidden. By the way, every four-five years new methods keep coming. All these things do not matter that much. As many people have thought and put it on their heads.

You have mostly appeared in negative roles, have you always wanted to be a villain?

Initially it was my favourite. My role of the villain in the TV serial Shobha Somnath was well received. My first film was from Khelein Hum Jee Jaan. When the director of that film Ashutosh Gowariker asked me what kind of work would you like to do. I said in response that I would like to play a negative role sir. He gave me the same role in his film. If you have done one or two projects, then the mindset would have been formed in the industry that it should be given this role, which is wrong. For some time now I feel that I have to do all kinds of characters. Negative, positive, comedy everything. Have to become a person broken by life and also motivated.

In this journey of your acting, did you also go through financial crisis?

There are necessities for living life. I want to lead a simple life, so I have never needed much. I started my career with modeling. After that started working in films. The good thing is that once I started working, I have been continuously doing the right thing in different languages, so money was not a problem.

You have also worked with many big stars, are you friends with anyone?

Anushka Shetty and Rana Daggubati are my good friends in South, Sushant Singh Rajput became good friends in Bollywood during the film Drive.

Sushant was your friend and an outsider like you, so how difficult was the news of Sushant’s death for you?

Those days I was in my village Karnal, because there was a lockdown. It took me time to recover from that incident whether something like this really happened or not. I was not able to understand what to react and when such a hardworking person, who is also your good friend. If he leaves you, then surely you feel very sad. Somewhere these things shake you deep inside. Same happened with me. It took me a long time. Even today it is not sure that he can commit suicide. He was very passionate about his work.

What are your memories of Drive with Sushant Singh Rajput?

The drive had a great atmosphere. There was a song in that film Makhna, we shot that song in Israel. That was the first time an Indian film was shot in Israel. Sushant and I became very good friends during the shooting of Drive. The shooting lasted for six to seven days in Israel. It was the best experience of my career so far, in the song we had shown life, we actually lived it. We had enjoyed every moment. I had never got such life and environment in shooting.

Was there any film offer after that from Dharma Productions?

I was offered once or twice, but nothing good was offered, so I did not do it. The work I like, I want to do there, big stars get crores and people find it difficult to give even five thousand to actors like us. In such a situation, I do not do any project just by looking at the banner.

your upcoming projects

I also have an interesting role in Raveena Tandon’s web series Karma Calling which will come on Hotstar. Apart from this, I am doing a film with South star Pawan Kalyan.


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