Surat: Selfie zone created for students taking admission in education board schools


On the second day of the admission ceremony in the school of Municipal Primary Education Committee, run by Surat Municipal Corporation, there was a sight of goodwill. Apart from this, a selfie zone was created for the students taking admission in the school of education committee, along with the admission a memorable selfie was also taken.

The process of admission of students in class one is going on for the second consecutive day in the school entrance ceremony of Surat Nagar Primary Education Committee. Like the first day, the work of giving admission in class 1 continued on the second day as well and the students coming for admission were made memorable by laminating their feet on paper with kumkum. Scenes of excitement unfolded during the second day’s entrance ceremony.

School No. 164 and School No. 156 located in Rander Zone area of ​​Surat Municipality are Urdu medium schools and both these schools have students from minority communities. When these students were also admitted to class 1, Kumkum Steps were given to the parents as a memento of their admission by making Kumkum Steps on paper like other mediums.

Apart from this, a selfie point was made at the time of admission in class one in the municipal school. The students taking admission used to take selfies with the dignitaries and give them to their parents as souvenirs. An atmosphere of enthusiasm is being seen among the students and parents taking admission due to the activities carried out by the Municipality during the admission of the students.


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